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Riot tease new League of Legends champion with a secret website

Riot Games teased the release of its newest champion to League of Legends in a secret website detailing her backstory with Glasc Industries.
Riot tease new League of Legends champion with a secret website

League of Legends is known for having frequent champion releases and, following this theme, has released information on their newest champion merely eight days after the release of Zeri

Similarly to what they did with Seraphine’s Instagram account, Riot Games decided to take an unorthodox approach with this latest teaser in the form of a secret website. With no announcement from Riot themselves, the site went live today, 28th January.

The website includes a wealth of information regarding the new champion, but most notably, it reveals the support champion’s name; Renata Glasc.

Who is Renata Glasc? League’s newest champion

According to the website, Renata Glasc was born in Zaun and used alchemy to “improve life across Zaun and Piltover alike” for the last 30 years. Further, the website indicates that she heads Glasc Industries, and her next objective is to “redefine beauty through state-of-the-art technology.”

league of legends secret website teases new champion renata glasc
Renata Glasc is the founder of Glasc Industries and was born in Zaun. (Picture: Riot Games)

The description of Renata paints her as a philanthropist. Still, seeing as this is an advertisement for her own fictional company, Glasc Industries, one could assume that perhaps Renata is not as perfect as she would like the world to believe. Or, at the very least, readers should take the information given with a grain of salt.

glasc industries league of legends detailed renata glasc new champion LoL
The site also details the beginnings of Glasc Industries. (Picture Riot Games)

Renata Glasc founded Glasc Industries to make “Chemtech affordable, beautiful, and accessible for all.” The website further states that they plan to extend their reach to the City of Progress, otherwise known as Piltover in the League of Legends lore.

What is Glasc Industries?

Glasc Industries supposedly makes many different products, but they all come from two distinct lines, the Luxury Line and the Diffusion Line.

The Luxury Line is described as providing its users with many different fragrances, self-defence tools, and augmented body parts.

what is glasc industries in league of legends secret website?
A brief description of Glasc Industries’ products is provided. (Picture: Riot Games)

However, the Diffusion Line appears to be more practically helpful as it provides “Chemtech solutions for any lifestyle,” as well as replacement limbs and medical services.

While the secret website gives a good deal of information on Renata and the fictional company she created, unfortunately, it lacks any exact details about her abilities in-game.

When will Renata be released?

Unfortunately, no official release date has been unveiled as of yet. However, if Riot continues their current trend of champion releases, a trailer and eventual release can be expected in the next few months.


Featured image courtesy of Riot Games