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All League of Legends Season 14 2024 Map & Monster Changes

Summoner's Rift will be undergoing some changes in this upcoming season!
All League of Legends Season 14 2024 Map & Monster Changes

Ask any League of Legends veteran, and they will likely be able to draw you Summoner's Rift on a piece of paper from memory. This is because knowing locations, points of interest, and gank points is vital when staying alive and winning your lane on the Rift. 

Summoner's Rift will be undergoing several changes in this upcoming season. These changes are designed to increase safety in certain lanes while reducing safety in others. Monsters will also be receiving an update providing new ways to play. 

So, if you are curious to learn more, we have the answers you need! This article will cover everything you need to know about the upcoming Summoner's Rift changes in Season 14. 

 All League of Legends Season 14 2024 Map Changes

6595818a85aa7-new map.jpg
Lots of changes will be coming to the Rift this season. (Picture: Riot)

The changes to Summoner's Rift this upcoming season were designed to increase safety for the top and middle lanes while reducing the safety and adding extra gank paths for the bot lane. 

Check out the full list of changes below:

2024 Map Changes

Top Lane View:

659833a7e5863-Top Lane View.png
Top Lane

Top River View:

659833a8617e9-Top River View.png
Top River

Mid Lane View:

659833a7afedf-Mid Lane View.png
Mid Lane

Bot River View:

659833a7b8446-Bot River View.png
Bot River

Bot Lane View:

659833a8228cc-Bot Lane View.png
Bot Lane

 All League of Legends Season 14 2024 Monster Changes

Baron has had a makeover! (Picture: Riot)

All of the monsters have been infected with the void. Void Grubs are new enemies that will appear in the Baron Pit during the first previously Rift Herals cycle. They will disappear after 14 minutes. 

Players who defeat the Grubs will earn a buff, granting them increased damage-over-time to structures.

After twenty minutes, the buffs will also be infected by the void. Players who take them down will grant the Red or Blue buff to the entire team. 

Void scuttler will also appear after twenty minutes, Granting a scryer's Bloom effect when taken down and reducing wards to 1 HP. 

The player who kills the Rift Herald can now control it to charge into a turret. 

Baron will receive three new forms:

  • Hunting Baron: Will strike enemies with lightning.
  • Territorial Baron: A wall will appear in front of the pit and pull champions closer. 
  • All-Seeing Baron: The front of the pit will be closed off and tunnels will be opened on the sides. Champions will also be inflicted with DoT.