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League of Legends Snowdown 2022 - Release Date, Skins & More

League of Legends Snowdown event is always a great time for gifts galore! Here's everything coming to this year's Christmas event!
League of Legends Snowdown 2022 - Release Date, Skins & More

League of Legends loves to spoil players with seasonal events at special times of the year. Whether it be Valentine's, New Year, Summer, or Halloween, there is always a chance some brand-new skins will make their way to Summoner's Rift. 

Additionally, on most occasions, not only do players receive a set of themed skins, but new game modes, decorations added to maps, and plenty of other rewards as well!

League of Legends 2022 Snowdown is fast approaching, so here's everything we know about the frosty festival ahead!

Update on 9 December 2022 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'League of Legends Snowdown Event' news and leaks.

Latest League of Legends Snowdown News

8 December 2022 - Winterblessed Trailer Drops!

Here is the official Winterblessed 2022 confirming the release date!

14 November 2022 Update - Winterblessed Skins Confirmed!

It was revealed via Twitter that six Winterblessed skins plus one Prestige skin will be coming to the game in the final patch of the year, Patch 12.23.

You can check out all the skins below!

Winterblessed Diana
Winterblessed Diana looks amazing! (Picture: Riot Games)
Winterblessed Shaco
Winterblessed Shaco looks devilish! (Picture: Riot Games)
Winterblessed Swain
Winterblessed Swain looks very regal (Picture: Riot Games)
Winterblessed Zilean
Zilean will be receiving his first skin in 1000 days! (Picture: Riot Games)
Winterblessed Zoe
Winterblessed Zoe looks very cheeky! (Picture: Riot Games)
Winterblessed Warwick
Winterblessed Warwick looks terrifying! (Picture: Riot Games)
Winterblessed Warwick
Warwick will also be receiving this prestige skin (Picture: Riot Games)


League of Legends Snowdown 2022 Start & End Dates

Santa Draven
Hopefully, Snowdown is right around the corner (Picture: Riot Games)

The Winterblessed event will start on December 8, 2022, at 1 PM PT and finish on January 4, 2023, at 11:59 PM PT. This year, the Snowdown event is being replaced with the Winterblessed event, complete with new skins, icons, Event Pass, and more. 

League of Legends Snowdown 2022 Christmas Skins

Snow Bunny Nidalee
We can't wait for this year's Snowdown skins (Picture: Riot Games)

With a new League of Legends seasonal event, you can bet that there will be some new skins to go along with it! 

These skins are almost always Legacy content and will not be available after the event ends until next year (unless you are lucky enough to snag one in a Loot box). 

These are the champions receiving Winterblessed skins this year:

  • Winterblessed Warwick - 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Shaco - 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Swain - 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Zilean - 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Zoe - 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Diana - 1820 RP

Here is a list of previous Snowdown skins:


  • Snow Bunny Nidalee
  • Workshop Nunu
  • Happy Elf Teemo
  • Earnest Elf Tristana
  • Old Saint Zilean


  • Re-Gifted Amumu
  • Santa Gragas
  • Reindeer Kog'Maw
  • Candy Cane Miss Fortune
  • Ragdoll Poppy
  • Nutcracko
  • Silent Night Sona


  • Toy Soldier Gangplank
  • Snowmerdinger
  • Mistletoe LeBlanc
  • Festive Maokai


  • Dark Candy Fiddlesticks
  • Sley belle Katarina
  • Bad Santa Veigar
  • Snow Day Ziggs


  • Winter Wonder Lulu
  • Snow Day Singed
  • Snowstorm Sivir


  • Snow Day Malzahar
  • Winter Wonder Orianna
  • Poro Rider Sejuani


  • Snow Day Bard
  • Snow Day Gnar
  • Snow Day Syndra


  • Santa Braum
  • Snow Day Graves
  • Winter Wonder Karma


  • Santa Draven
  • Ambitious Elf Jinx
  • Snow Fawn Poppy


  • Frozen Prince Mundo
  • Snow Man Yi
  • Winter Wonder Neeko
  • Winter Wonder Soraka
  • Ice King Twitch


  • Sugar Rush Braum 
  • Sugar Rush Evelynn
  • Sugar Rush Ziggs 
  • Sugar Rush Zilean

While we usually receive a Christmas-themed event and skins, this is no longer guaranteed. As seen in 2020, the Christmas event was replaced by the Battle Queen event with an entirely new line of skins. 

Additionally, while it is highly likely that new Champions will receive these holiday season skins, it is by no means guaranteed. Both Ziggs and Poppy have received multiple skins at this time of year, so literally, when it comes to future Snowdown events, anything could happen!

League of Legends Snowdown 2022 - What Else To Expect

Legend of the Poro King
Will we see any new events this holiday season? (Picture: Riot Games)

The Winterblessed 2022 event is confirmed to have the following:

  • Event Pass - 1650 RP
  • Winterblessed Event Missions
  • Special Missions 
  • New Chromas / Skins
  • Shop Bundles
  • New Emotes / Ward Skins / Borders
  • New Little Legends Eggs

That's everything we know about the League of Legends Snowdown event for 2022 thus far. We will endeavor to update this article once more information becomes available.

For more on the game, check our section dedicated to League of Legends news, guides, updates, tips, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.