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T1 stomp their way to Worlds Semis, peaking at 2.2M viewers

With a massive 3-0 stomp against HLE, T1 has secured their spot at Worlds semifinals.
T1 stomp their way to Worlds Semis, peaking at 2.2M viewers

The road to the Worlds 2021 finals has started, and there's no better way to start the journey towards the Summoner's Cup than with a duel between two LCK squads.

The first game of the quarterfinals brought us a more-than-dominant side of T1, the legendary world champion squad which seeks to reach the highest level again, led by Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 Faker
Faker continues proving his power as a three-time world champion. (Picture: Riot Games / Getty Images)

During the game, we could see Faker's desire to dominate Worlds once again after being absent in 2019. Hanwha knew the mid laner would be an important piece for his squad, so they focused on limiting most of his options when playing.

For the first game, Hanwha sought to secure the lead for the mid lane by giving Chovy comfortable picks and trying to keep Faker off the map. However, Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong answered for T1 and from the bot lane, began to take the early advantage.

His Aphelios became a key piece for T1's offence, which was dominant not only individually, but also in group executions, giving them an early led.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 Faker
Gumayusi shined this time, with his great performances using Aphelios and a perfect KDA. (Picture: Riot Games / Getty Images)

In the second match, Chovy sought to lane with his LeBlanc but T1 responded with the Lissandra for Faker, limiting the impact of Hanwha's mid laner. Kim "Canna" Chang-dong was the protagonist this time, as his Gwen sentenced the rival's options to equalize the score, placing themselves on the verge of victory.

The last game had the same selections for the mid lanes, while Gumayusi repeated champion as well. T1 wanted to go early and came out to dominate the confrontation, and from the first minutes, they took advantage of the map keeping the objectives. Bit by bit, Faker's team expanded its advantage and after a couple of teamfights, T1 sentenced the series to lock their ticket to semis.

HLE vs T1 peaks at 2.2M viewers

As such, this series managed to break several statistics within Worlds 2021, by having not only some of the fastest games so far in the tournament, but also by placing in the Top 2 of the games with the most viewers so far, with 2.2 million viewers.

Interestingly, the Top 1 currently belongs to the match between T1 vs DFM, a game that managed to attract 2.23 million viewers, who joined to see both the return of T1 to Worlds, as well as the debut of the Japanese squad in the Group Stage.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 most watched matches
Most watched matches from Worlds 2021, as of 22nd October. (Picture: Esports Charts)

Thus, as expected from the Draw Show, T1 dominated the series against Hanwha Life Esports with a resounding 3-0, achieving their qualification to the semifinals without any problem.

Now a long-dreamed duel against DWG KIA or MAD Lions awaits them, one that is expected to surpass this mark and even place Worlds 2021 within the Top 5 of the most-watched esports events, thanks to its potential as an instant classic.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games and Getty Images.