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Nightblue3 concedes jungle challenge to Tyler1

Nightblue3 admits Tyler1 is the better jungler
Nightblue3 concedes jungle challenge to Tyler1

Four and a half months after the initial drama, Rabia “Nightblue3” Yezbek has conceded that “Tyler1 is the better jungler” after a week-long attempt to reach Challenger on the NA server.



The challenge was issued by Nightblue3 on his Twitter, where he declared that if he did not hit challenger “within 1 week” he would gift Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp 1000 subs on his Twitch channel and “go back to Fortnite”. After peaking at Grandmasters 183LP, before dropping back down to Diamond 1, Nightblue failed to reach the lofty heights of challenger and admitted defeat.


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(Picture: Tyler1/Nightblue3)


Nightblue issued the challenge in response to Tyler1 reaching Challenger by playing only jungle, commenting that it had taken 2000 games and playing off-stream and that he himself would accomplish the feat in a week. Having failed to do so Nightblue followed through on his forfeit, even after Tyler1 told him to “keep the subs” and just tweet out he was the better jungler - which Nightblue did as well.



The challenge was the last in a long-spanning series of tweets and conversations about the strength of the jungle role within League of Legends. Towards the beginning of Season 10, junglers’ experience was nerfed, and the likes of IWDominate, Nightblue3 and G2’s MVP jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski voiced their frustrations on stream and on Twitter.

Tyler1, in characteristically brash style, wildly disagreed, calling jungle the “best role in the game” and pointing the finger at players rather than the role. It sparked his own challenge to reach the upper echelons of LoL ranks as a jungler in defiance of critics.



The former ADC-main hit challenger after roughly 1800 games, focussing on his now notorious Ivern (allegedly top 5 NA, top 22 in the world at the time of writing) alongside Olaf. Speaking recently about the role, Tyler1 admitted jungle was hard to learn but that you “always had a chance” to win the game, which he felt was not the case with his former position of ADC.