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VCS 2021 Winter Split announced, PSG Talon to honour Vietnamese league at Worlds

The Vietnamese region will see action on the Summoner’s Rift once again with a new special split running down after Worlds.
VCS 2021 Winter Split announced, PSG Talon to honour Vietnamese league at Worlds

We are just a few days away from the start of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, where the best 22 teams from the international scene will face each other in glorious battles for a chance to raise the Summoner’s Cup and become world champions.

It hasn't been an easy road for all of League’s competitive regions, as fans and players from the Vietnamese league won’t see action again, as teams from the VCS will miss Worlds following a series of travel issues derived from the country’s restrictions due to the COVID pandemic.

VCS Summer Split cancelled
VCS 2021 Summer Split was cancelled after a long postponement, due to COVID restrictions. (Picture: Riot Games)

Thankfully, following some efforts from some of the biggest teams in the league, the Vietnamese players will also have a chance to perform once again this year, as according to Saigon Buffalo’s Social Manager, Dat Nguyen, the VCS will hold an extra split during the offseason.

VCS Winter Split to be held after Worlds

Based on the confirmed report, the VCS 2021 Winter Split will be held from 15th November to 31st December, happening during the 2022 off-season without messing with the schedule of Worlds 2021, as its finals are set to be played on 5th November.

All franchised teams from the VCS 2021 season will take part in the Winter Split, facing each other in a regular double round-robin format, with matches streamed live from Tuesday through Sunday during the entire tournament.

No other details have been revealed at the moment, however, these will be released later on as the split begins after Worlds.

PSG Talon makes homage to the VCS

On a side note, the champions from the Pacific Championship Series, PSG Talon, will make honour to the entire Vietnamese fanbase after a surprising announcement on their social media.

In a very unexpected but great fashion, all jerseys from the top seed of the Southeast Asian league will display a special badge with the fiery logo of the VCS, bringing a representation of the Vietnamese scene into the main stage of the 2021 World Championship.

PSG Talon VCS badge
PSG Talon's jerseys will have a unique badge to honour the VCS. (Picture: PSG Talon)

This homage has a bigger impact if we remember the origins of the VCS, as Vietnam was previously one of the countries represented in the SEA scene, prior to its fusion with the LMS and the creation of the PCS.

So, even if the VCS will miss the biggest stage of the year, its fans will be for sure present cheering for the PCS, respecting the legacy of the Southeast Asia region, and embracing the power of the league that once crowned a world champion back in 2012.

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Feature image courtesy of Dat Nguyen.