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Wild Rift, League of Legends’ mobile and console version enters open beta on 27 October

Wild Rift looks to bring the high-level gameplay of League of Legends to mobile and console players.
Wild Rift, League of Legends’ mobile and console version enters open beta on 27 October

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile and console version of League of Legends, will enter open beta on 27th October, Riot Games has announced.

The highly anticipated adaptation of the hit MOBA has been in closed testing since 8th October, but will soon be opened to a wider audience.

LOL: Wild Rift Open beta
(Picture: Riot Games)

Initially, the open beta will focus on Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand, with Europe, Oceania, Vietnam, and Taiwan gaining access in December.

Bad news for NA and SA fans though - the Americas aren’t slated for beta access until Spring 2021.

With the release of the open beta, Wild Rift will also see the addition of a host of new features. Previously missing champions, such as Lee Sin, will be released alongside the beta. A hero notorious for his high skill-cap and outplay potential, Lee Sin will feature a seamless set of mobile-friendly controls as he makes his way onto Wild Rift.

Kai’sa, Evelynn, Akali, Darius, Draven, and Sepharine to join the roster later in October. Each of these champions will be free to play on release. 

Wild rift evelyn
(Picture: Riot Games)

What’s more, League’s one and only K-pop inspired girl band, K/DA, will also make its debut on the Wild Rift as the open beta drops. All of the group’s ALL OUT skins will be available for purchase in the beta, meaning you’ll be able to support their latest EP on mobile or console.

kda all out wild rift league of legends
(Picture: Riot Games)

One pressing question for League of Legends fans was whether their in-game purchases and skins from the PC version would carry over to Wild Rift, and the open beta looks to answer those questions. For Riot Games account users, you’ll be able to log in to Wild Rift with your existing details and earn rewards based on the time and investment you’ve already made in League of Legends.

Wild Rift is set to become the fifth game in Riot’s rapidly expanding roster of titles. Designed to capture the same excitement and enjoyment as the original PC version, the League of Legends: Wild Rift open beta will be supported by Iinfluencer spotlights, guides, and community highlights released by Riot on their road to release.

For more information on Wild Rift, and to prepare for the open beta, head to the official website