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Worlds lock in first four teams

The first four teams, Cloud9, G2 Esports, Team Griffin and Team Liquid, have been determined for the League of Legends 2019 World Championship, with the @lolesports account posting each team as they were awarded their spot.
Worlds lock in first four teams



G2 Esports are the first team to qualify for Worlds following the conclusion of the LEC Summer Split. G2 went 15-3 this split and 13-5 in Spring and go into Worlds as one of the heavy favourites.

There was criticism levelled at G2 for unconventional drafts made during the Split. Fans asked the team to play top lane Annie and mid Tristana against SK Gaming and later a top lane Garen against Vitality, with the latter match ending in defeat. G2 had already made the playoffs at this stage, but some felt the 'troll picks' were disrespectful and damaged competitive integrity.

Most people felt G2 having fun was a positive sign that the team were confident and comfortable, with the quirks in drafts being their way to have fun with their remaining games after the hard work had been done.


Griffin are the second team to qualify and the first from the LCK. Their Split results mirror G2, with a 13-5 result this Split and 15-3 in Spring. Having only joined the LCK last year, Griffin have been a team to watch in the region.

While eyes focussed on the LEC and LCS, Griffin have been the best in LCK and now sit in a strong position to do serious damage to the fan favourites in other regions in their debut Worlds appearance.


Team Liquid are third to secure their Worlds spot. Doublelift maintains a best-of-five LCS winstreak over 1,218 days with only the LCS Summer Finals left of the season. The Finals marks Doublelift's eighth Finals appearance and is a chance for Team Liquid to break records.

With wins in the LCS Spring and Summer 2018 and the Spring victory earlier this year, Team Liquid have equalled TSM's record and a win this Finals would see them overtake it.


The last team so far to get their spot at Worlds is Cloud9, making it their seventh consecutive Worlds appearance. The LCS Finals against Team Liquid will determine the Split winner, but C9 are the definite underdogs in the matchup in the Worlds build-up.

Twenty more teams will join the four in Berlin through Split results or points, with two rounds of play-ins before the group stage begins. The playoffs will then take place in Madrid before the two teams left standing face off in the Finals in Paris on 10th November.