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How To Increase Health And Get More Hearts In LEGO Fortnite

To survive against the toughest foes in LEGO Fortnite, you'll need to increase your health capacity. Here's what you need to know.
How To Increase Health And Get More Hearts In LEGO Fortnite
Epic Games

LEGO Fortnite, a brand new free-to-play survival arm of Epic Games' Fortnite, is challenging players to survive in the wilderness of the battle island. Players can craft shacks, houses, tools and more, to help build a functioning village for their crew of NPCs

Building and scavenging is one thing, but along the way you'll be facing off against numerous enemies such as wolves, skeletons, and scorpions that each have the potential to deal some serious damage. If you want to increase your chances of survival, you'll need to increase the amount of hearts and health you have on hand.

How To Get More Hearts In LEGO Fortnite

You'll need a variety of materials to craft the different tiers of Health Charms in LEGO Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

When you start your LEGO Fortnite adventure, you'll have three hearts to your name. This will be your default health pool and while it'll serve you well in the early game, as you venture out for rarer materials you'll encounter more dangerous enemies. So, to endure their attacks, you'll need to increase your health and hearts.

To do this, you'll need to craft a Health Charm. The first Health Charm you'll be able to craft will be of common rarity, and will grant you one additional heart. As you level up your Crafting Bench, however, you'll have the ability to craft stronger Health Charms. The available Health Charms are as follows:

  • Common Health Charm: +1 Heart
  • Uncommon Health Charm: +2 Hearts
  • Rare Health Charm: +3 Hearts

What's important to note is that you'll actually have four slots available for Charms, which means you could potentially stack multiple Health Charms to increase your available hearts even further. 

How To Craft A Health Charm In LEGO Fortnite

The higher you upgrade your Crafting Bench, the better the Health Charms you'll have access to. (Picture: Epic Games)

You'll first have access to the Health Charm blueprint at the Crafting Bench, but only the intital Common Health Charm at first. To craft these Health Charms, you'll need the following materials:

Common Health Charm Materials

  • Silk Thread x3
  • Bone x3
  • Wolf Claw x5

Uncommon Health Charm Materials

  • Silk Thread x3
  • Marble x1
  • Shell x1

Rare Health Charm Materials

  • Wool Thread x3
  • Cut Amber x3
  • Sand Claw x3
  • Flexwood Rod x3

Naturally, the materials for the Rare Health Charm will be harder to find, and become more readily available as you progress through LEGO Fortnite. You'll also need to upgrade your Crafting Bench to a certain level before you have access to the higher grades of Health Charms.