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All Lies of P Achievements & How To Complete

Explore everything this game has to offer as we break down how many achievements there are in Lies of P.
All Lies of P Achievements & How To Complete
Neowiz Games

While enjoying Lies of P, you'll discover a wide array of engaging and demanding content. Additionally, some optional challenges raise the difficulty level for those who want to fully explore the game. These challenges come in the form of Trophies or Achievements, and similar to other soul-like games, these achievements can be quite tricky to earn.

To assist you in understanding the requirements for obtaining every trophy and to provide details on their total count, we've got you covered. Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the Achievements available in Lies of P, along with instructions on how to complete each one, helping you inch closer to that coveted 100% completion of the game.

All Achievements in Lies of P

As it stands currently, Lies of P offers a total of 43 achievements for players to earn during their gameplay. As mentioned earlier, some of these achievements can be obtained quite naturally by progressing through the story, while others require more effort and are classified as secret. It's worth noting that certain secret achievements can still be earned while playing through the story but are labeled as secret to avoid spoilers for the player.

Lies Of P All Achievements Listed below 43 total
There are 43 achievements to collect in Lies of P which you can find listed below. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

In our breakdown of the achievement list for Lies of P, we have indicated the non-secret, story-based achievements and the secret achievements that might contain spoilers or require additional effort to unlock.

Non-Secret Story Achievements in Lies of P:

  • Strongest Normal Weapon:

    • Max out a normal weapon’s level.

  • Strongest Special Weapon:

    • Max out a special weapon’s level.

  • Strongest Legion Arm:

    • Modify your Legion Arm to its maximum level.

  • Extreme Potential:

    • Activate the P-Organ to Phase 5.

  • Pianist of Krat:

    • Play a perfect tune on the piano in Hotel Krat.

  • Legion Arm Collector:

    • Collect every Legion Arm.

  • Special Weapon Collector:

    • Collect every special weapon.

  • Normal Weapon Collector:

    • Collect every normal weapon.

  • Golden Melody:

    • Collect and play every record.

  • Learning About Emotions:

    • Learn every gesture.

  • Veteran Explorer:

    • Decipher all cryptic vessels and claim their rewards.

  • End of Riddles:

    • Discover all of the Trinity Sanctums.

  • First Lie:

    • Tell a lie in front of Hotel Krat’s entrance.

  • Stargazer’s Guide:

    • Repair a Stargazer.

  • Exploring Possibilities:

    • Try to assemble any weapon.

  • The Ultimate Defense Technique:

    • Destroy an enemy’s weapon by using a perfect guard.

  • Fatal Blow:

    • Deliver a successful fatal attack.

  • The Bastards and the Sweepers:

    • Kill a Stalker.

  • The Story of the Prince:

    • Find out about the last story of Venigni.

  • The Story of the Refined Old Lady:

    • Find out about the last story of Antonia.

  • The Story of One Father:

    • Find out about the last story of Geppetto.

  • The Story of a Stranger Girl:

    • Find out about the last story of Eugenie.

  • The Story of a Blue Butterfly:

    • Find out about the last story of Sophia.

  • From Across the Rift:

    • Kill all types of Dimensional Butterflies.

Secret Story Achievements in Lies of P:

Lies Of P All Achievements Listed Secret spoiler ones below
The following achievements are secrets to be found and may spoil certain parts of the game, so read on at your own discretion. (Picture: Neowiz Games)
  • Parade Master:

    • Kill the Parade Master.

  • Scrapped Watchman:

    • Kill the Scrapped Watchman.

  • King’s Flame:

    • Kill the King’s Flame, Fuoco.

  • Fallen Archbishop:

    • Kill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

  • The Delayed Match:

    • Kill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

  • King of Puppets:

    • Kill Romeo, King of Puppets.

  • The Champion of Evolution:

    • Kill Champion Victor.

  • Puppet-Devouring Green Monster:

    • Kill the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster.

  • Corrupted Parade Master:

    • Kill the Corrupted Parade Master.

  • Revenge of Black:

    • Kill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

  • The Complete One:

    • Kill Laxasia the Complete.

  • The Awakened God:

    • Kill the Awakened God Simon Manus.

  • Bear Gold Coin Fruit:

    • Harvest Gold Coin Fruit.

  • The First Puppet:

    • Kill the Nameless Puppet.

  • The Story of the One Who Dreamed:

    • Find out about the last story of Simon Manus.

  • Real boy: They all lived happily ever after [Real boy: They all lived happily ever after]:

    • Reach the ending.

  • Free from the puppet string [Free from the puppet string]:

    • Reach the ending.

  • Rise of P:

    • Reach the ending.

  • Lies of P Platinum:

    • This is exclusive to PlayStation consoles and is obtained once you've earned all available trophies for the game.

Please note that as Lies of P will likely receive additional content through DLCs or updates, this list of achievements may expand. Be sure to check back here for the latest updates on Lies of P's achievements.