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How To Get The Booster Glaive In Lies of P

Crush your enemies with brutal force with our comprehensive guide on how to get the Booster Glaive in Lies of P.
How To Get The Booster Glaive In Lies of P
Neowiz Games

Lies of P certainly don't offer an easy path when it comes to confronting challenging foes and formidable bosses as you traverse the city of Krat. Often, the only way to overcome these challenges is to take them head-on, and fortunately, Lies of P provides you with a wide selection of weapons to make this task more manageable and fun to pull off.

One particular weapon that might pique your interest is the Booster Glaive, a substantial weapon that, although slow, delivers powerful blows. If you're interested in obtaining it, read on, as we will provide precise instructions on how to acquire the Booster Glaive in Lies of P.

Booster Glaive Location in Lies of P

You can obtain the Booster Glaive weapon in Lies of P by locating it inside a chest within the Vegnini Works area. Specifically, it's accessible from the first Stargazer in the area, which is known as the Workshop Union entrance. As you approach this Stargazer, you'll notice a sign on your right side explaining the use of Blitz against puppets. Instead, head in the opposite direction, to your left, down the alleyway that eventually bends to the right.

Lies Of P How To Get Booster Glaive Location
The Booster Glaive is located at the end of the Puppet of the Future's boss arena, which you can reach by heading down the ladder as shown above. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

In this area, you'll encounter one giant puppet and three smaller ones. You can choose to run past them or clear them out, depending on your preference. Continue straight down the alley, and you'll come across a vast open area beneath the factory. You can access this area by climbing the ladder directly to your left.

At this point, you will need to clear the corrosive substance on the ground below and defeat the optional boss known as the Puppet of the Future. You can evade its attacks and manage the corruption damage if your sole objective is to acquire the Glaive. However, we recommend defeating the boss to make traversing the area easier.

Lies Of P How To Get Booster Glaive Inside chest
The Glaive is inside a chest that you can reach after defeating the boss. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

After defeating the Puppet of the Future, head to the far end of the lower area and locate the Booster Glaive inside a chest.

What is the Booster Glaive in Lies of P

The Booster Glaive is a formidable Greatsword-type weapon powered by a small burner on its handle. It inflicts significant damage at close range and can stagger enemies with just two heavy attacks, a valuable feature when confronting some of the more potent bosses in the game.

Lies Of P How To Get Booster Glaive Uses and tips
The Booster Glaive is extremely powerful, but slow due to its size. so be sure to space out your attacks and give yourself room to evade. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

This weapon may require some practice to become accustomed to, mainly due to the delay in its attacks. However, if you prefer weapons that deal with heavy blows and can easily knock down enemies, the Booster Glaive will prove to be a valuable asset as you face the other adversaries in Lies of P.