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What Does Change Shape Do in Lies of P?

Alter the shape of your heart using our guide explaining what the Change Shape feature does in Lies of P.
What Does Change Shape Do in Lies of P?
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As you make your way through Lies of P, you'll discover a wide array of weapons, abilities, and enhancements to aid you on your challenging expedition through the City of Krat. One specific enhancement that may have caught your attention while utilizing the P-Organ system is the "Change Shape" feature found in the menu.

This feature can be puzzling for most players, especially early on, as it doesn't provide any clear indication of its functionality. Fortunately, you won't need to remain perplexed for long, as this guide will provide a comprehensive explanation of what the "Change Shape" option does in Lies of P.

How Does the Change Shape Option Work in Lies of P?

Once players locate and rescue Geppetto, they'll gain entry to his tools within the upstairs office at Hotel Krat. There, they can access the P-Organ upgrade menu. However, they might also come across a distinctive menu called "Change Shape." 

How Does Change Shape Work In Lies Of P Initial feature
At first, players will encounter the Change Shape option in the P-Organ menu, but it won't do anything until later in the game. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

While this option may initially appear significant in the context of the P-Organ since it's found within the same upgrade menu, it is, in fact, unrelated. Change Shape is primarily focused on providing characters with certain cosmetic alterations as they progress through the storyline.

In Lies of P, specific narrative points and dialogue choices grant players opportunities to either lie or tell the truth. Engaging in deception contradicts the essence of what defines Pinocchio as a puppet, and it has a direct impact on his appearance over time. 

How Does Change Shape Work In Lies Of P Effects
The Change Shape feature is a cosmetic feature that can reverse the human-like effects on Pinocchio as you play through the game. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

If players frequently resort to lying, they will observe subtle changes, such as the character developing more human-like traits. An illustrative example is Pinocchio's hair gradually growing longer and appearing more unkempt.

Should players find themselves with lengthier hair and desire to return to the traditional short-haired look they had at the outset of the game, they can access the Change Shape menu to revert to the original character design. 

This Change Shape menu is expected to offer additional alterations and cosmetic choices based on the decisions players make during their journey. It's important to note that all these options are purely cosmetic and should not significantly impact gameplay mechanics in any way.

How Does Change Shape Work In Lies Of P More changes
As you progress through the game you'll access even more cosmetic changes through the Change Shape feature in Lies of P. (Picture: Neowiz)

So there you have it, a full breakdown of what the Change Shape feature does in Lies of P and how its aesthetic functionality will affect the look of Pinnochio in the game. So be sure that regardless of whether you lie or not, you use the shape change to make your character look exactly how you want him to.