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Lies of P P-Organs: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Unlock your full potential as we break down what the P-Organ system is and how it works in Lies of P.
Lies of P P-Organs: What Are They And How Do They Work?
Neowiz Games

While Lies of P proudly embraces the essence of a Souls-like game, it also introduces its distinctive elements and flavors to the mix. One notable addition that provides players with an additional layer of character customization is the innovative P-Organ system.

This novel feature, unique to Lies of P, might appear somewhat perplexing at first glance. However, once you grasp its intricacies, the P-Organ system will become a fundamental cornerstone of your character build. Without any more delay, let's delve right into an explanation of what the P-Organ system entails and how it works in Lies of P.

What Are P-Organs in Lies of P? 

In Lies of P, the P-Organ serves as the equivalent of Pinocchio's "heart." Upon reaching a particular point in the storyline, specifically after defeating the Scrapped Watchmen boss, players gain access to the ability to enhance the P-Organ using Quartz. The P-Organ boasts a skill tree divided into five tiers, offering a high degree of customization to align Pinocchio's abilities with your play style.

Lies Of P P-Organs How They Work What are they
The P-Organ system is a special skill tree that Pinocchio can use to unlock various latent abilities and skills in exchange for Quartz. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Quartz resources are acquired by defeating formidable adversaries, a pattern observed in the demo where they were primarily obtained from boss battles. While Quartz might become more readily available as the game unfolds, this remains speculative for now. We will update this information once the game is fully released and additional sources of Quartz in Lies of P are confirmed.

How Do P-Organs Work in Lies of P? 

Now, let's delve into the mechanics of the P-Organ system within Lies of P. Firstly, each tier of the P-Organ skill tree, referred to as a "Phase," comprises four "Groups." A Group signifies the individual upgrade nodes within a Phase, and each Group consists of a variable number of "Slots," ranging from 2 to 4. These Slots, when filled, unlock the upgrades associated with that Group. Fully unlocking any two Groups within a Phase appears to grant access to the subsequent Phase from what we've seen in the demo.

Lies Of P P-Organs How They Work Generally explained
The P-Organ system is split into Phases, which each contain four Groups or Nodes that are made of Slots, and it's those Slots that allow us to insert special upgrades for one Quartz. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

At the core of this system are the Slots themselves, forming the foundation of all P-Organ upgrades. Each Slot can be filled with an upgrade at the cost of 1 Quartz. These Slots can accommodate four distinct types of upgrades: Attack Type, Survival Type, Ability Type, and Item Type. And notably, completing all Slots in a given Group results in unlocking that Group's special or bonus upgrade.

To simplify, you have a Phase consisting of Groups or nodes, with each Group containing 2 to 4 Slots. Each Slot can be upgraded with the cost of one Quartz (at least for the base Group slots available in the demo), and this investment grants Pinocchio various abilities such as strengthening the Pulse Cell, expanding Fable Slots, equipping a Thorn Shield, or providing a Quick Recovery for Pinocchio when knocked down, among others.

Lies Of P P-Organs How They Work Bonus abiity and unlocking Phses
Filling all the Slots of a certain Group will unlock that Group's bonus effect, and filling the slots of two Groups in a Phase will unlock the Next phase of P-Organ upgrades. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Lastly, fully outfitting all the Slots in a Group will unlock that Group's bonus effect. This design encourages players to make prudent choices when selecting their upgrades, given that Quartz appears to be a finite resource in the game. Similar to other Souls-like titles, the P-Organ system encourages players to carefully consider their build, playstyle, weapons, and Legion Arms when making their selections.

In conclusion, you now have a concise yet comprehensive understanding of how the P-Organ system operates in Lies of P. As more information becomes available regarding this system and ways to obtain additional Quartz, we will update this guide accordingly. So, be sure to bookmark this page for further insights once the game is released on September 19th.