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Lies of P DLC Release Confirmed for Late 2024

The wait is over as Neowiz officially announces the upcoming release of the Lies of P DLC later this year, and here are the essential details you should know.
Lies of P DLC Release Confirmed for Late 2024

When Lies of P was released in September 2023, it achieved significant success both financially and among fans of the souls-like genre it proudly represents. With numerous positive reviews, including my own, there was strong anticipation for DLC or even a sequel. 

Now, it appears our expectations were accurate, as Neowiz has confirmed that the Lies of P DLC will be released later in 2024. Let's explore the details of this announcement and when we can anticipate returning to the Pinocchio-themed souls-like adventure.

Lies of P DLC Release Confirmed for Later This Year

While we only had speculation to work on before, Neowiz, the developer of Lies of P, has now officially confirmed that the game's DLC is indeed slated for a late 2024 release. As highlighted by Ziostorm on X/Twitter, the Korean developer affirmed this timeline in its recent financial report, bringing assurance of the DLC's arrival. While no specific release date was disclosed, this confirmation is significant for eager fans.

This revelation doesn't come as a surprise, given the acclaim Lies of P received as one of the finest souls-like games in recent years. Its success resonated not only with hardcore genre enthusiasts but also with newcomers captivated by its narrative and baroque-inspired Pinocchio-themed take on the souls-like genre, often hailing it as a "masterpiece."

While anticipation mounts for Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC this year, fans can now equally anticipate another gem later in 2024. Details regarding Lies of P's DLC content remain elusive, whether it continues the storyline, serves as a prequel, or introduces an entirely new narrative. Yet, confidence remains high, especially after Game Director Choi Ji-Won's assurance of delivering a "compelling and unforgettable story."

Lies Of P DLC Release Announced For End Of 2024
While the details of the DLC are still unknown, we are excited to see what Neowiz cooks up in terms of its content and narrative focus once it's released at the end of this year. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

For now, fans must patiently await further news on the Lies of P DLC, with a release date likely to be unveiled soon, accompanied by insights into its gameplay and narrative. So, ready your Legion arms, hone your parrying skills, and brace yourselves for the next captivating journey into the enchanting and atmospheric world of Lies of P.