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How To Unlock the Hermits Cave in Lies of P

Discover a hidden area within the City of Krat as our guide explains how to unlock Hermit's Cave in Lies of P.
How To Unlock the Hermits Cave in Lies of P
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Because of the somewhat straightforward design approach taken by the developer in creating Lies of P, players will naturally explore nearly every area in the game as they progress through the story, with one notable exception: Hermit's Cave. This particular location is tucked away off the main path, and gaining access to it requires completing a few specific tasks.

Therefore, in this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to unlock the Hermit's Cave area in Lies of P. So, without further delay, let's dive right in and uncover this hidden gem in Lies of P.

Hermits Cave Location in Lies of P

Hermit's Cave becomes accessible once you reach the Barren Swamp Bridge. On the right side of the Stargazer, you'll find a gate leading to Hermit's Cave. However, unlocking this cave involves several steps, and you'll also notice an NPC near the gate named Rookie Explorer Hugo.

How To Unlock Hermits Cave In Lies Of P Locations
To find the Hermit's Cave, players will need to reach the Barren Swamp Ridge and speak to Rookie Explorer Hugo. (Picture: YouTube / Monique Short)

Approach Hugo and initiate a conversation with him. Hugo will mention that if you talk to him frequently, he will open the gate. Although Hugo seems to adhere to the game's theme of lying, as you'll need to do more than just talk to him to open the gate, this conversation serves as the initial step. Let's discuss how to unlock Hermit's Cave below.

How To Access the Hermits Cave

To begin, engage in a conversation with Rookie Explorer Hugo until you've exhausted all his dialogue options, and he'll provide you with a Cryptic Vessel. Lies of P includes a total of six Cryptic Vessels scattered throughout the game, and this is where you'll obtain one of them.

How To Unlock Hermits Cave In Lies Of P Supply Crate to buy
Once you reach the Collapsed Street, you'll find a Krat Supply Box to bring to Polendina. (Picture: YouTube / Monique Short)

Once you have the Cryptic Vessel, return to Hotel Krat and give it to Venigni. You'll need to progress through the story as usual from this point. When you reach a part of the storyline where you find yourself atop a building with swordsmen in Collapsed Street, you can proceed with the following steps.

While on top of this building, peer over the edges to locate a fire-spitting puppet. Once you've identified the puppet's location, descend and move past it to discover a chest containing a Special Krat Supply Box, as shown above.

How To Unlock Hermits Cave In Lies Of P Purchase Cryptic Vessel
Once you expand Polendina's store, you can purchase a Rusty Cryptic Vessel for Venigni to decrypt. (Picture: YouTube / Monique Short)

With the Special Krat Supply Box in your possession, take it back to Hotel Krat and present it to Polendina. This action will update the shop's inventory, allowing you to purchase a Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Procure the Rusty Cryptic Vessel and hand it over to Venigni for decryption.

Now, you've completed all the required actions to unlock Hermit's Cave, enabling you to explore its mysteries. Return to Rookie Explorer Hugo near the Barren Swamp Bridge, and you'll find that the gate is now open.

How To Unlock Hermits Cave In Lies Of P Unlocking the cave
Once the Vessel is decrypted, the gate leading to Hermit's Cave will be unlocked. (Picture: YouTube / Monique Short)

The process of unlocking Hermit's Cave proves to be more challenging than Hugo initially suggested. Nevertheless, your diligent efforts have paid off, granting you entry into this distinctive game area filled with various enigmas. Step inside and unveil the rewards of your hard work!