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Are There Illusory (Hidden) Walls in Lies of P?

Discover the hidden depths of the City of Krat as we discuss whether Lies of P features Illusory or Hidden walls within the game.
Are There Illusory (Hidden) Walls in Lies of P?
Neowiz Games

By now, many of you are likely aware that Lies of P doesn't shy away from its clear inspiration drawn from the SoulsBorne series of games. This has prompted numerous players to question just how many elements from the Souls series the game incorporates, with one particular feature being the Illusory Walls.

These walls have the potential to conceal unique areas housing valuable treasures or simply provide additional content to enhance your gaming experience. Therefore, it's natural to wonder about their presence in Lies of P. Fortunately; you won't have to speculate for much longer, as this guide will delve into precisely that and explore whether Lies of P indeed features Illusory walls throughout the City of Krat.

Are There Illusory Walls in Lies of P? 

From our own gameplay experiences and insights gathered from players worldwide, it appears that Lies of P does not incorporate Illusory or concealed walls within the city of Krat. While one might view this as a potential missed opportunity for Neowiz to introduce additional content to the game, the developers have introduced a similar mechanic that provides a unique challenge distinct from checking every mysterious or peculiar-looking wall in the game.

Does Lies Of P Have Illusory Hidden Walls No Walls but Trinity Doors
Currently, Lies of P does not have any Illusory walls in the game, and instead has hidden doors called "Trinity Doors". (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

This alternative takes the form of Trinity Doors scattered throughout the game world. These doors are hidden in locations typically away from the main paths and require a Trinity Key to unlock. Obtaining these Trinity Keys involves solving Arlecchino’s riddles found throughout the game, which are provided to you when you locate the Ringing phones in each area.

Once you possess these Trinity Keys, you can explore the game world to discover these hidden Trinity Doors, often distinguished by their green metallic appearance and adorned with the symbol of a triangle representing the Trinity itself. 

Does Lies Of P Have Illusory Hidden Walls Content inside Trinity Doors
Players can access these Trinity Doors via the Trinity Keys gained by solving Alrecchino's riddles, so be sure to keep an eye out for them as the Trinity Doors hold various treasures inside. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

Locating these doors can be a challenging task, but the rewards they hold can significantly impact your gameplay experience, especially as you progress into the mid-to-late stages of Lies of P. So, while Lies of P may not feature Illusory or hidden walls within the City of Krat, the game offers concealed doors that house unique treasures inside, coupled with intriguing challenges that must be overcome to access them. 

If the game were to introduce Illusory walls in the future through content updates or DLCs, you can be certain to find the details here. Therefore, it's advisable to check back here regularly for any upcoming developments.