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Lies of P Legion Arms: How Does it Work?

Explore how you can customize Pinocchio's special abilities using our guide on how the Legion Arms work in Lies of P.
Lies of P Legion Arms: How Does it Work?
Neowiz Games

Drawing inspiration from the timeless fairytale of Pinocchio, Lies of P immerses players in the role of the eponymous character. As Geppetto's most cherished puppet, you wield a substantial arsenal of firepower—quite literally. Bestowed upon you by your creator, these remarkable enhancements are known as Legion Arms, formidable prosthetic appendages that grant you a wealth of power and versatility as you navigate the city of Krat.

Whether you're embarking on your first journey into the game or seeking a more comprehensive understanding of this feature, you've come to the right place. Below, you'll discover a detailed breakdown of how the Legion Arm system operates within Lies of P and how it comes into play during your in-game adventures and battles.

Legion Arms in Lies of P Explained

Legion Arms represent secondary robotic prosthetic attachments that Pinocchio can affix to his body, effectively serving as his left arm and primarily coming into play during combat scenarios. Much akin to weaponry, each Legion Arm boasts its distinct abilities, offering customization options tailored to your preferred playstyle, and of course, equipping a specific Legion Arm will temporarily modify Pinocchio's base stats, such as improving his attributes and adding more weight to his frame.

Lies Of P Legion Arms Explained What are they
Legion Arms are special prosthetic arms that Pinocchio can use for their varied effects and abilities. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Within the gameplay of Lies of P, we've witnessed a diverse array of Legion Arms, some featuring elemental attributes like the power to conjure flames or electricity, while others manifest as physical implements such as a potent hand cannon or a flexible whip-like puppet string. Below is the list of Legion Arms we know of so far thanks to the demo, all of which players can interchange at Stargazers, as well as at the weapons vendor, Eugenie.

  • Left Arm of Steel - Left-hand parts made of metal. It throws forward strong punches. 
  • Iron Fist - A metallic left arm part. The default legion arm worn by Pinocchio has no special features and has basic statistical value. 
  • Fulminis - A legion arm that holds a powerful electric current. It is able to charge and release an electric shock. 
  • Flamberge - A legion arm that holds burning flames. Opening the muzzle allows the wearer to burn all that is in their way. 
  • Puppet String - A legion arm that can shoot out a wire. Enables the wearer to pull enemies closer or move towards them. 
  • Falcon Eyes - A legion arm that fires a drill cannon from range. It allows the wearer to take aim and shoot with their left arm. 

Legion Arm Upgrades and Uses

Each Legion Arm also holds potential for upgrades, enhancing their effectiveness in battle and introducing new capabilities. This is done by using a material called Quenching Stones, and by doing so, upgrading a Legion Arm will unlock more effects, increased stats, and additional abilities. Additionally, the P-Organ system might also offer a means of further enhancing these prosthetic appendages, although we await confirmation since the demo did not fully unveil this aspect.

Lies Of P Legion Arms Explained Examples Upgrades and uses
Legion Arms can also be upgraded to increase their power, but they are also useful during exploration and traversal regardless of level. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Beyond combat utility, Legion Arms also serve as versatile traversal tools, facilitating faster ladder descents and enabling the opening of large gates and chests scattered throughout the game world. It's plausible that more functionalities of the Legion Arms will come to light upon the game's worldwide release, and rest assured, we'll promptly update this information to provide the latest insights.

In sum, you now possess a comprehensive understanding of how the Legion Arms function in Lies of P, as well as their multifaceted roles within the game. As previously mentioned, stay tuned for future updates, and consider bookmarking this page for reference on all matters related to Legion Arms in Lies of P.