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Lies of P Lies System Explained

Is honesty really the best policy? Find out as our guide discusses and explains how the Lie System works in Lies of P.
Lies of P Lies System Explained
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Lies of P is undeniably reminiscent of the Souls-like genre, encompassing elements such as its combat mechanics and the hallmark boss battles that punctuate each game area. However, it does distinguish itself in a few noteworthy ways. One of these distinguishing features is the Lies system, a unique component exclusive to Lies of P. This system prompts players to make critical decisions at specific junctures in the game, particularly regarding whether to tell the truth or tell a lie.

But what impact does this system have on the game? More precisely, how does it influence your character's journey through the city of Krat? You won't need to ponder these questions for long, as this article is here to elucidate everything you need to know about the Lies system in Lies of P.

How Does the Lies System Work in Lies of P? 

In the game, as you advance through the storyline, you'll encounter numerous situations where you must choose between telling the truth or lying. These decisions have a significant impact on the game's progression. One early example of this occurs when you attempt to enter Hotel Krat after defeating the first boss, Parade Master.

Lies Of P Lies System Explained Details
Throughout the game, players will be given the choice to lie or tell the truth, which will affect specific outcomes of their playthrough. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

When you approach the entrance of Hotel Krat, the security guard questions whether you are a human or a puppet. Puppets are not permitted inside or near the hotel, so you can gain entry by affirming that you are human. However, something changes within Pinocchio when you make this choice, though the game doesn't immediately clarify the consequences, so let's discuss those below.

How Does Lying Affect the Game? 

The Truth or Lie choices you make will alter the locations you visit, the items you discover, and most importantly, the game's ending. Lies of P currently offer three distinct endings, with two of them determined by your honesty. Opting for complete honesty leads to what's often referred to as the "good/neutral" ending. 

Lies Of P Lies System Explained Affect on story
The most notable part of the Lie System is the way it affects the ending you'll get in Lies of P. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Conversely, exclusively lying results in the so-called "true" ending. It's advisable to decide early on which type of playthrough you'd like to pursue. The third ending remains unaffected by lying, so there's no need to worry about it. It's worth mentioning that some players believed that lying would inflict negative status effects, but this isn't the case.

This summarizes the essential aspects of lying in Lies of P. While not explained in great detail, it's an enjoyable mechanic that empowers players to shape their gameplay experience and rewards them with a unique ending based on their decisions.