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How To Use Pulse Cells in Lies of P

Stay in the fight for longer by understanding your main source of healing as we explain how the Pulse Cell works in Lies of P.
How To Use Pulse Cells in Lies of P
Neowiz Games

One aspect that you'll realize very early when playing Lies of P is that you'll be taking damage in almost every enemy encounter you engage in. Fortunately, players have access to a primary means of healing that they can utilize at any time: the Pulse Charge.

This item serves not only as your primary source of healing but can effectively be infinite if you can master the required gameplay elements. Therefore, we will guide you through precisely how the Pulse Charge functions in Lies of P and how to use it effectively to endure the game's challenging nature.

What are Pulse Cells in Lies of P

Pulse Cells serve as Pinocchio's means of restoring health, akin to the Flask of the Crimson Tears in Elden Ring, Vials in Bloodborne, or the Estus Flask in the Souls trilogy. These Pulse Cells are recharged each time you rest at a Stargazer and can also be enhanced to hold more charges through the P-Organ system, a feature accessible after rescuing Geppetto and returning him to Hotel Krat.

Lies Of P What Are Pulse Cells Reusable healing items
Pulse Cells act like the Estus Flasks in the Souls Games but with one unique twist. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Much like the primary recovery items in the Souls games, using Pulse Cells in Lies of P takes a few seconds in-game. Thus, you'll need to carefully choose the right moment and positioning to heal, or you risk being struck by an enemy before the process is complete. 

If you happen to deplete your Pulse Charges, there's no need to panic, as the developers of Lies of P have provided a method for recharging Pulse Cells during battle, which we'll discuss below.

How To Use Pulse Cells in Lies of P

When you find yourself in need of a Pulse Cell during combat, simply equip it on your belt and press the Square or X button on your controller to activate it and restore your health. Now, if you reach zero Pulse Charges, you can recharge them by dealing damage.

Lies Of P How To Use P Pulse Cells And Charge
If your Pulse Cells run out, you can charge it to gain one Cell at any time by dealing enough damage. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

You'll observe that as you inflict damage, the previously empty Pulse Charge slot on your belt will gradually fill with a purple hue. Once it's filled, you'll receive a full Pulse Charge that can be used for healing. However, this resets you to zero charges, necessitating further damage-dealing to replenish and earn another healing opportunity.

Ultimately, this system provides you with an infinite source of healing, but it operates on a risk-reward basis. Attacking recklessly with no Pulse Charge can lead to a swift demise. However, by timing your attacks well and utilizing charge attacks at opportune moments (as they speed up Pulse Charge accumulation), you can easily regain your health and rejoin the battle.