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Is Lies of P Worth Playing? Metacritic Review Roundup

Find out whether you should purchase Lies of P with our dive into what the community and top critics have to say so far in this review roundup.
Is Lies of P Worth Playing? Metacritic Review Roundup
Neowiz Games

Lies of P, developed by Neowiz Games, is an action RPG title that draws inspiration from the Souls series and weaves its themes and narrative elements from the beloved fairytale, Pinocchio. Although the game is slated for release on September 19th, the review embargo has already been lifted, and based on our early observations, it appears to be a highly accomplished interpretation of the Souls-like genre. However, it's worth noting that it's not without its imperfections.

In Lies of P, players can assume the role of Pinocchio otherwise known as P, embarking on a journey into the City of Krat to uncover the origins of a puppet uprising and the mysterious spread of a petrification disease. While the game may seem deceptively straightforward at first glance, Lies of P harbors hidden depths that become evident as you delve further into its world—a sentiment shared by many other players in their reviews. So to help you decide whether Lies of P is a worthwhile purchase upon its release, let's take a closer look at the current roundup of reviews. 

Lies of P Metacritic Average

Lies of P has received very positive reviews across most platforms as its Metacritic scores are broadly high, attaining an 82/100 on PS5, 81/100 on PC, and 84/100 on Xbox Series X, thoguh we're also waiting on the reviews for Xbox One and PS4 players. These current scores are based on the reviews from 66 critics so far, but we'll likely get more as we approach the release day. 

Lies Of P Review Roundup Metacritic scores
Based on the current Metacritic scores, it appears that Lies of P is holding steady as an above-average title, even with some of its flaws considered. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

As of this moment, we have a five-day wait before Lies of P is officially released, which means that the Metacritic score is not yet definitive and remains susceptible to alterations. Metacritic should be your go-to resource for insights from both journalists and fellow players, so be sure to peruse the user reviews there (including our review) before making a financial commitment based solely on the buzz surrounding the game.

Lies of P Review Roundup

Moving forward, we'll examine the opinions of leading critics who have spent a substantial amount of time playing Lies of P. It's important to acknowledge that full credit is attributed to the featured publications, along with the quotes employed to encapsulate their assessments of Lies of P in this review compilation.

Lies Of P Review Roundup Scores below
Below are the current reviews from fervent video game journalists, as well as their overall scores for Lies of P. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

IGN - 8/10

"Lies of P might not branch out particularly far from its soul-like inspiration, but like a marionette controlled by a skilled puppet master, it plays the part extremely well in a wonderfully dark fantasy world. It must be said that its uneven difficulty didn’t always make me feel like an underdog, especially when playing as a brawny, overpowered version of Pinocchio with a massive weapon, and combat pigeonholed me into a specific playstyle while the levels are less open and twisting than most. But with an awesome weapon crafting system, some really memorable boss fights, and one of the better stories we’ve seen in this genre, I can enthusiastically recommend you spend your time hanging out with Gepetto and friends. If you’ve been waiting for a Bloodborne remaster or sequel that may never come, Lies of P is the next best thing."

Push Square - 8/10

"Lies of P feels like the result of a developer having already taken multiple stabs at the Souls-like genre, so it's impressive that Round8 Studio has accomplished so much on its first attempt. By fully embracing its dark take on the Pinocchio story, it sets itself apart from anything else available. Elevating it above other games are quality combat and extensive, satisfying customization, turning Lies of P into a first-class experience for FromSoftware fanatics."

Gamespot - 8/10

"For the most part, however, Lies of P is content to adorn existing mechanics and ideas with its own story and aesthetic. This may be a derivative approach, but it nails the core Souls-like experience, with each of its various mechanics seamlessly coalescing to create a thrilling action game that's challenging, varied, and dripping with atmosphere. It's easy to be reductive when a game wears its influences on its sleeve as boldly as Lies of P does, but plenty of other games have tried and failed to recreate the same magic. It's not an easy endeavor, and while it doesn't shake up the formula or reinvent the wheel, Lies of P is still one of the genre's most accomplished and enjoyable entries--and that's the truth."

PC Gamer - 74/100

"Lies of P is a competent Soulslike if you can shrug off its flaws."

VG247 - 2/5

"There’s some enjoyment to be found in Lies of P. Its action is competent but lacks the polish and stir of its contemporaries. Its atmosphere can be engrossing, but it’s a hodgepodge of themes and aesthetics you’ve seen before that never rises above the familiar. I was never impressed by it, and I never stopped questioning the point of the entire endeavor throughout my time with it."

Game Informer - 9.5/10

"Lies of P uses the familiar, the highlights, and the lessons learned from the authors of the Soulslike subgenre to create something unique, fascinating, and exhilarating. Neowiz aimed for the stars, much like the ones its Pinnochio wishes upon, and hit them with machine-like accuracy."

Screen Rant - 4.5/5

"Lies of P is not perfect, but it's shockingly close, and is perhaps the best-case scenario for a soulslike trying to pay such diligent homage to the genre's beloved cornerstones."

Lies of P Review Roundup general conclusion
Based on all the reviews so far, Lies of P is definitely not perfect but still has a lot to offer as a unique take on the Souls-like genre of games. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Overall, it seems that Lies of P is indeed a soul-like title worth playing, and while the game is flawed in various ways, it still holds tons of value as a fun and engaging action RPG. So whether you're a Souls fan or not, Lies of P is a title that you should at least consider trying out once it releases on the 19th of September 2023.