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How To Get The Salamander Dagger in Lies of P

Set your enemies alight with our guide on how to get the Salamander Dagger in Lies of P.
How To Get The Salamander Dagger in Lies of P
Neowiz Games

As you tear your way through the many powerful puppets and enemies littering the city of Krat, you will require some equally powerful weapons to get the job done. Thankfully, Lies of P offers players a vast array of powerful, mechanically intricate weapons to choose from, such as the Salamander dagger. 

This weapon offers players some insane firepower (literally), and while it's not tucked away behind a massive block, it can still be tricky to locate if you aren't looking for it. So in the guide below, we'll walk you through exactly how to find the Salamander Dagger in Lies of P, as well as outline its unique elemental abilities. 

Salamander Dagger Location in Lies of P

You can discover the Salamander Dagger inside a particular locker within the early section of Venigni Works. This area becomes accessible after you rescue Geppetto and defeat the Scrapped Watchman boss. As you progress through this area, you'll eventually reach Venigni's factory. When you navigate around the main gate, which is blocked off, you'll encounter the first Stargazer in the area, known as the Workshop Union entrance.

Lies Of P How To Get Salamander Dagger Location from Stargazer
From the first Stargazer in the factory area, head up the stairs to your right. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Upon reaching this Stargazer, you'll notice a nearby signpost discussing the Blitz effect and its application to puppets (and how you should leave if you're not a Stalker). To the right of this sign, there's a staircase leading to the second floor.

Ascend the staircase and immediately turn left, entering the room directly in front of you. Once inside, on the right side of the room, behind some boxes, you'll notice a hatch on the ground. Jump down and prepare for a brief encounter with two mechanical puppets.

Lies Of P How To Get Salamander Dagger Down hatch and room
Drop down the hatch into the room, defeat the two enemies inside, and collect the Salamander Dagger from a special lockbox. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

These puppets aren't particularly formidable, but in a confined space, they can pose a threat, so exercise caution during the battle. Nevertheless, they shouldn't prove too challenging to defeat. Once you've vanquished them, you'll be able to unlock the particular locker within the room. Open this locker, and you'll discover the concealed Salamander Dagger. 

What is the Salamander Dagger in Lies of P

This dagger is a fast-striking, fire-based weapon with a short cooldown time for its heavy R2 attack and can easily overwhelm most enemies with a flurry of fire-based spells. However, there's more to this weapon than meets the eye.

Lies Of P How To Get Salamander Dagger Uses and tips
The Dagger gives you fast strikes that aren't as powerful, but they can easily inflict Overheat which melts enemy health bars. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

After landing a few strikes on an enemy, you have a chance to execute a critical attack (automatically) that inflicts the Overheat status on the enemy. This condition inflicts gradual fire damage over time and allows you to dispatch most of the area's adversaries with ease.

It's worth noting that the weapon isn't as effective against foes that also employ fire attacks, but such encounters are less frequent compared to the typical puppets you'll encounter. So, keep in mind when to utilize this weapon, and it will prove invaluable throughout your journey in the game.