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How To Beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

In this guide, we'll thoroughly explain how to beat the electrically charged Scrapped Watchman boss in Lies of P.
How To Beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P
Neowiz Games

Lies of P, a game proudly embracing the Souls-like genre, features its distinct lineup of captivating and demanding bosses that players must conquer to advance. Among these formidable foes, the Scrapped Watchman, while only the second boss in the game, stands as a significant challenge.

This boss marks the concluding encounter for players in the game's demo, and it's no coincidence. While not insurmountable, it certainly raises the difficulty level. So, if you're resolute in your quest to triumph over this imposing adversary, you've landed in the right spot. Within this guide, we'll lead you through the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve victory against the Scrapped Watchman boss in Lies of P.

Scrapped Watchman General Encounter Tips

The Scrapped Watchman, the final boss encounter in the game's demo, represents a significant leap in difficulty, providing players with a taste of the true Lies of P experience. This boss bears a resemblance to the policeman puppets encountered earlier but stands out due to its larger size and an array of antennas that can electrify its attacks.

Lies Of P How To Beat Scrapped Watchman General Tips
For the fight against the Watchman, you'll want to be cautious of its faster attack pattern and electrical attacks during its second phase, all while you deal damage when it is either staggered or in an attack cooldown. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Similar to the strategy employed against the Parade Master, our primary focus here is on cautious gameplay. The Scrapped Watchman is considerably faster than its predecessor, and during its second phase, it infuses electricity into all its attacks, making it extremely dangerous if caught off guard. Additionally, it can electrify the floor, so it's imperative to steer clear of electrical patches on the ground to avoid harm.

This underscores the importance of waiting for opportune moments to strike and staying vigilant about its attacks (details provided below), which are essential for success. Maintaining a lock-on throughout the fight is crucial since the boss frequently moves about. It's advisable to reach at least level 20 before taking on this challenge, so don't hesitate to grind a bit if necessary.

Scrapped Watchman Moveset and Attacks

The boss undergoes two primary stages, transitioning to the second stage when its energy reaches around 50%. In the second stage, it becomes significantly more aggressive, and some of its attacks now inflict electrical damage. To assist you in tracking these moves, here is a list of attacks to be mindful of:

Lies Of P How To Beat Scrapped Watchman Attacks to watch for
The attacks listed below are the same for the boss's second phase, only now it also deals electrical damage alongside physical damage. (Picture: Neowiz Games)
  1. Fist sweeps (a single sweep or a one-two-one combo)
  2. Overhand punches
  3. A jumping roll attack
  4. A powerful grab attack with high damage potential
  5. A slamming attack (sometimes unbreakable and marked in red)
  6. An electrical Area of Effect (AoE) attack that deals electric damage if you're near the affected areas in the arena

How To Defeat the Scrapped Watchman

During the boss's first phase, it's advisable to position yourself well beyond its attack range and wait for it to execute a slow, sweeping swing or a jumping attack. You'll notice it raising its arm high before dashing forward to strike. This leaves it slightly off balance and vulnerable to counterattacks.

Lies Of P How To Beat Scrapped Watchman Starting strats
The strategy for the boss's first phase is quite simple, position yourself a decent distance away from it to avoid its range and slam attacks and move in to deal damage when safe, then move back to safety. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

An even better opportunity arises with the jumping attack, where the boss leaps high into the air and slams down in front of you. It takes a moment to recover, allowing you to land 3-5 attacks before it regains its composure. The attack to be avoided is its quick side-to-side swipe, usually followed by a series of 5 or 6 attacks. In such cases, step back and allow it to exhaust itself.

Another opportunity to counter is its arm swing. It stands up and swings its forearm in a circular motion before slamming it down. Dash toward it just before impact to evade damage, then unleash a brief combo. Typically, it repeats this move twice in a row, followed by a Fury (Heavy) Attack. Avoid lingering too long, as you may get caught in the finishing strike.

Lies Of P How To Beat Scrapped Watchman Getting to phase 2
Keep whittling down the boss's health while staying a safe distance away to conserve as much health and Pulse Charges for the upcoming second phase. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

Once you've depleted about half of the Watchman's health, it enters its second phase, becoming fully electrified. While its attacks remain largely the same, watch out for lightning strikes. 

You can employ the same tactics to defeat it, but exercise caution regarding the lightning on the floor. After certain attacks, static appears on the ground, and after a few seconds, that spot is struck by lightning, inflicting minor damage and staggering you. Avoid attempting a final attack and move away before this occurs.

Another attack to be wary of is its grab, resembling its broad sweep but with an extended hand-raising phase lasting about 2 seconds. This move deals significant damage if it grabs you, so swiftly dash away and re-engage for attacks when it misses.

Lies Of P How To Beat Scrapped Watchman Second phase
During its second phase, the Scrapped Watchman becomes electrically charged, so be sure to avoid its attacks even more diligently and watch out for the lightning strikes it can call down upon you. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

Overall, this boss fight is challenging and may require several attempts. As you continue, you'll develop a rhythm, timing your dodges and blocks effectively. The game doesn't appear to grant a defensive bonus for precise dodging, but dodging at the last moment can still prove lifesaving.

To simplify the encounter, you can utilize a Star Fragment to summon a spirit for assistance (place it in the bowl before the boss door). The Scrapped Watchman will direct the majority of its attacks toward the spirit, allowing you to approach it from behind and target the glowing electrical area on its backside. Hitting this spot precisely yields additional damage, making it a worthwhile strategy if you struggle with this boss.

Lies Of P How To Beat Scrapped Watchman Persever and you will dfefeat it
While the Scrapped Watchman is a tough fight, it's definitely not impossible, so keep using the tips provided as you learn its attacks and timing, and the boss will fall in no time. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

With patience, practice, and well-timed dodges, this fight gradually becomes more manageable, even though it may take multiple attempts. Keep persevering, and you'll become adept at evading and blocking its attacks while capitalizing on opportunities to deal damage until the Scrapped Watchman is eventually defeated, granting you an Overcharged Storage Battery, a Broken hero's Ergo, a Core, and finally one Quartz to use for your P-Organs later in the game.