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Captain Marvel vs Goose - Who would win?

What if Carol Danvers and her cat had to get into a fight? Who would win between Captain Marvel and Goose? Let's explore the possibilities.
Captain Marvel vs Goose - Who would win?

In our first-ever "Who would win?" fight, loosely inspired by Marvel's "What if..." show on Disney Plus, we pit two characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) against each other. For decades, fans have been arguing about who would win in a fight between their favourite characters from comics, video games, and more. In the first iteration of "Who would win?" we pit two unlikely opponents against each other; Captain Marvel versus her feline companion, Goose.

In this tantalizing matchup, we explain the strengths of both combatants and then deliver our verdict for the Captain Marvel vs Goose fight, so let's get started.

Captain Marvel powers and strength

Captain Marvel (portrayed by Bree Larson in the MCU) is the strongest of the Avengers, according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. While the character has gone through many iterations in the comics, this nod from Mr Feige for the MCU version is undoubtedly a big plus. 

Her real name is Carol Danvers, and following a Kree experiment gone wrong, she became Captain Marvel. Even without her powers, she is a force to be reckoned with due to her military background.

Carol Danvers bree larson captain marvel MCU fight goose cat reggie
Carol Danvers before she became Captain Marvel. (Picture: Marvel)

Captain Marvel's powers in the MCU include superhuman strength, flight, superhuman durability, the ability to both absorb and release energy, and more. Her energy blasts, therefore, can deal so much damage that most Avengers wouldn't even be able to withstand one blast, let alone a barrage.

While she couldn't quite stand up to Thanos (the Mad Titan did need to use the Power Stone) she did destroy a significant part of his armada singlehandedly, again showcasing her powers. 

Captain Marvel goose cat fight MCU who would win
Captain Marvel flying through space like it's nothing. (Picture: Marvel)

She also zips around the galaxy, flying in space, seemingly impervious to the temperatures and lack of oxygen. In space, she saves countless planets. To be clear, Captain Marvel as portrayed in the MCU is arguably the strongest hero we've seen emerge so far.

Goose's powers and strength explained

Captain Marvel’s cat first appeared in the comic books in April 2006 with Giant-Size Ms Marvel #1. At the time, it was called Chewie, named after a reference to Star Wars’ Chewbacca. 

In the MCU, however, it is called Goose, a pop culture reference to Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw. Goose is portrayed by real-life feline actor Reggie the cat, and despite some fans not loving the Captain Marvel film, everyone loved Goose.

Captain Marvel vs cat goose MCU Marvel cinematic universe fight
Goose fighting gravity...(Picture: Marvel)

If you are reading this standing up, and never saw Captain Marvel or was a bit confused with what transpired, it is time to take some catnip and sit down for this one.

Goose isn't actually a cat. Instead, it is a Flerken, a highly intelligent, powerful alien species. Flerkens come from Earth-58163 in the Marvel comic book universe. Even Captain Marvel herself didn’t know that her cat was a Flerken until she met the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comic books.

Captain Marvel Bree Larson cat goose reggie flerken marvel MCU fight
Flerkens are a powerful alien species. (Picture: Marvel)

In the MCU, Goose has the same powers as Chewie in the comics, which means it has some extremely powerful abilities. First up, there are the dozens of tentacles Goose can use to destroy its enemies.

These tentacles should be able to detain the likes of Captain America, and even kill Iron Man if Goose so pleases.

The tentacles come from pocket dimensions in the cheeks of Flerkens. However, that's not the most frightening of Goose's powers, sorry Cthulu mythos fans.

Goose Captain Marvel cat fight MCU
Goose spitting out the Tesseract like it's a hairball...(Picture: Marvel)

Flerkens' mouths act as transportation hubs aka gateways to other dimensions. These pocket dimensions provide Goose with the ability to travel through space and time and even break the boundaries of reality itself. 

Our verdict: Flerkins assemble!

Despite Captain Marvel's immense power, we believe that Goose would come out on top of this one.

While Goose's tentacles would be no match to Captain Marvel's strength and energy blasts in a straight-up fisticuffs scenario, the pocket dimensions would be the undoing of Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel goose cat fight who would win MCU
Who's a good Flerken? (Picture: Marvel)

Simply put, Goose could just swallow Captain Marvel, trapping her in a pocket dimension forever. In the MCU, it was already showcased how Goose could swallow the Tesseract (actually an Infinity Stone) without issue, keeping it safe from enemies.

No attacks would work or have any effect on Goose at all, and the loveable Flerkin could even send Captain Marvel back thousands of years in the past to rot, all while cleaning its paws.

Goose flerken cat captain marvel fight who would win MCU
117 Flerken eggs, ready to hatch! (Picture: Marvel Comics)

If things get too hairy in a fight, well, Goose could also call on its 117 Fler-Kittens, living peacefully on a planet Captain Marvel found for them in the comics.

Fun fact, Goose is the reason Nick Fury only has one eye in the MCU, and that was only a "friendly" scratch...

Check out the video from YouTuber It's P-chaη below, showcasing only the scenes where Goose appears in the Captain Marvel film.

We would like to hear your opinions on Captain Marvel vs Goose, so feel free to share the reasons you think one or the other would win!

There are no wrong answers here, as this is, of course, a fictional, mental exercise to enjoy and maybe argue about a bit.

In any case, let us know via our Facebook post, or vote via our Twitter post above.

Don't forget to check out our entertainment section filled with news, drama and opinions, and stay tuned for more "Who would win?" antics.