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Guardians of the Galaxy: All achievements, trophies and how to get them

In Guardians of the Galaxy, players can complete various achievements and get trophies to unlock rewards.
Guardians of the Galaxy: All achievements, trophies and how to get them

Guardians of the Galaxy's launch is just around the corner and is scheduled to release on 26th October on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. In the game, players will take the role of Peter Quill/Star-Lord to fight against the enemies and proceed in the game.

The game is available to pre-order and will feature a bunch of in-game rewards that players can earn by completing achievements and winning trophies. Marvel has announced almost all the achievements and trophies that will be available in Guardians of the Galaxy except 25 unmissable and secret story-related ones. Here is a list of all of them, along with the details about how to complete them.

Guardians of the Galaxy achievements, trophies

Guardians of the Galaxy achievements and trophies
There are over 50 achievements and trophies in Guardians of the Galaxy. (Picture: Marvel)
  • This is What We Do - Obtain every trophy
  • Self-improvement - Purchase your first Star-Lord Ability
  • Dynamic Team - Invest in at least one Special Ability for Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot
  • Fully Loaded - Invest in all Special Abilities for all Companions
  • Flash Freeze - Acquire the Ice Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Shock and Awe - Acquire the Lightning Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Fan Friction - Acquire the Wind Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Lava Launcher - Acquire the Plasma Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Pick Me Up - Revive a fallen team member
  • Stagger Swagger - Stagger 25 enemies
  • No Way, Nova Corps - Interrupt a Nova Centurion with Gamora's Call to Action
  • Slakebuster - Interrupt a Slakebeast with Drax's Call to Action
  • Groot Canal - Interrupt a Charger with Groot's Call to Action
  • Drax the Dismemberer - Dismember an Inquisitor with Drax's Call to Action
  • Unstoppable Force - Attain the maximum possible Momentum 10 times
  • The Crowd Goes Wild - Execute a Flair Attack 10 times
  • Set 'em Up, Knock 'em Down - Defeat 15 Staggered enemies with a Charged Shot
  • Bullet Hell - Defeat 15 enemies with Star-Lord's Fan the Hammer ability
  • Adding Injury to Insult- Defeat 10 enemies affected by Drax's Wrath of Katath ability
  • Trained to Perfection - Defeat 10 enemies with Gamora's Executioner ability
  • Boom Show - Defeat 20 enemies with Rocket's Five Barrel Barrage
  • Herbal Remedy - Revive or Heal Companions 10 times with Groot's Gift of the Florae
  • Altitude Adjustment - Defeat 20 enemies with Star-Lord's Eye of the Hurricane
  • Killer Friendship - Execute an Auto-Combo with Gamora
  • Katathian Handshake - Execute an Auto-Combo with Drax
  • Aim Assist - Execute an Auto-Combo with Rocket
  • Timber! - Execute an Auto-Combo with Groot
  • Thoughtful Captain - Find half of the Guardian Collectibles
  • Managerial Skills - Find all of the Guardian Collectibles for one Guardian
  • Like a Glove! - Find and equip one Outfit
  • Fashion Passion - Find and equip all Outfits
  • Lore Hoarder- Collect 65% of all Quillopedia entries of each category
  • Galactic Frugality - Pay your Nova Corps fine
  • Eat It, Rodent - Win the bet against Rocket


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Featured image courtesy of Marvel.