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Loki S2 Episode 4 "Heart Of The TVA" Review: Intertwined Fates Loomed At The TVA

Episode 4 pushes Loki, Mobius, and company into meltdown with Victor Timely at the TVA, with time ticking away as fates become decided.
Loki S2 Episode 4 "Heart Of The TVA" Review: Intertwined Fates Loomed At The TVA
(PIcture: Marvel Entertainment)

We're fast approaching the season finale of Loki Season 2 as a significant catastrophic event ends the episode, leaving our time-traveling heroes in limbo. With Ravonna Renslayer's secret connection to He Who Remains revealed and Victor Timely showing his true colors, a foreshadowing was finally realized, which left many in shock of what is to come.

As the fourth episode indulges in a few major plot points and a shocking conclusion to the episode, we're issuing a SPOILER WARNING for those who have yet to catch the latest episode on Disney+. That said, here's a complete recap and review of Loki Season 2 Episode 4, "Heart Of The TVA," which left us with a few more questions.

The Heart Of The TVA Goes Into Overdrive As Saving The Temporal Loom Lurks

With two episodes remaining in Loki Season 2, the fourth episode, “Heart of the TVA,” finally answered some early questions but ended with even more questions following the shocking cliffhanger. For several episodes, the Temporal Loom has continued to act volatile with great urgency from O.B. in getting it back to stable levels.

At the end of episode 3, Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie return to the TVA with Victor Timely, for which work begins on a Throughput Multiplier by O.B., Timely, and Casey. Elsewhere, Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes were sent to the Citadel courtesy of Sylvie towards the conclusion of “1893,” in which the latter revealed the secret she had kept from Renslayer.

A conveniently placed projection revealed an intimate conversation between He Who Remains and Renslayer, which Loki had heard glimpses of in the first episode. He Who Remains was seen thanking Renslayer for her involvement in the Multiverse War, which plans to usher in a new era at the TVA was discussed between the pair.

However, He Who Remains has other plans for Renslayer before she returns to the TVA, for which his plans for Renslayer are revealed. He instructed Miss Minutes to implement a protocol that subsequently erased the memories of every TVA employee, including Mobius and Hunter B-15, giving him complete control to shape the TVA as he saw fit.

loki season 2 episode 4 heart of the tva episode recap loki sylvie discussion pie room tva
Amidst the chaos, Loki convinces Sylvie that getting help from Victor Timely will prevent the Temporal Loom from collapsing. (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

This enraged Renslayer as Miss Minutes explained her role in the Multiverse Was, as she led the forces on behalf of He Who Remains, only to have her mind wiped. Together with Miss Minutes, they initiate plans to take back the TVA, and thanks to Sylvie, who gave her a TEM Pad, they find their way back to the HQ, where calamity ensues.

Cutting off all communication devices within the TVA, Renslayer located General Dox, Hunter X-5/Brad Wolfe, and Dox’s Minutemen, which were currently in holding. While Renslayer unveiled her plans to take over the TVA, despite Hunter B-15 pleading with Dox to help restore the TVA, Dox saw the “bigger picture” and declined, which came at a price.

As Brad Wolfe watched, much to the delight of Miss Minutes, Renslayer brutally crushed Dox and her Minutemen, who Hunter B-15 later discovered towards the episode’s conclusion. As chaos continues to slow O.B., Timely, and Casey from safely stabilizing the Temporal Loom, timely gets distracted by a hot cocoa vending machine before he goes missing and is eventually captured by Brad Wolfe.

While Loki and Sylvie attempt to locate Timely, he, on the other hand, appears to be stalling Renslayer and Miss Minutes in the hopes that O.B. and Casey reach the Temporal Loom in time. In these final moments, every moment in previous episodes was provided full context while Timely continues to stall.

O.B., who is looking for Loki and Sylvie, was the one who was calling the winding telephone in episode 1 in the hopes of locating them before being given the go-ahead to reboot the entire system, allowing Loki and Sylvie to use their godly abilities. The time-slipping Loki from the first episode, who was subsequently pruned, was revealed to be eliminated by present-day Loki to save him from his past self from time-slipping.

With the system shut down and Miss Minutes taken offline, Loki and Sylvie managed to find Brad and persuaded him to bring them to Renslayer before pruning her. Loki and Sylvie managed to bring Timely to the Temporal Loom, for which his Temporal Aura was scanned as he volunteered to use the Throughput Multiplier to fix the Loom.

In the end, it was all too little and hugely too late as moments after the doors opened, Timely turned into spaghetti, akin to Mister Fantastic in the Multiverse of Madness, much to the shock of everyone. O.B. realized that the Temporal Radiation was too powerful for anyone to fix the Loom before the Loom collapsed and the episode cut to black.

loki season 2 episode 4 heart of the tva episode recap time is running out temporarl loom radiation
Time may have run out for everyone at the TVA toward the episode's conclusion. (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

It’s in these final moments that O.B.’s forewarnings about the Temporal Loom become a reality; however, it does leave a few new questions but answers many. Firstly, Timely surpassed most of the skepticism if he would end up like He Who Remains, which turned out not to be the case as he gladly assisted O.B. and Casey with creating the Throughput Multiplier in the hopes of repairing the Loom, much to the dismay of Sylvie.

He showed much delight and happiness over a hot cocoa machine, despite many doubting that he would aid the TVA, which saw him open up more to others and put aside his ego. He even sacrificed himself to help fix the Loom, but his untimely departure, in a rather graphic scene, saw him get served up in a bowl of temporal pasta.

With Dox and her Minutemen dead, Miss Minutes temporarily offline, and Renslayer pruned, we don’t know the fate of Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, Casey, Hunter B-15, Brad Wolfe, and O.B. now that the Loom had collapsed. But it doesn’t feel like the end just yet, and maybe there is something more to the conclusion, as we have two episodes remaining.

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