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Marvel’s Thunderbolts – Release and production dates, cast, characters

With Marvel Studios set to add The Thunderbolts live-action film to its existing MCU schedule, which characters will join the villainous group?
Marvel’s Thunderbolts – Release and production dates, cast, characters

Marvel Studios will be adding another live-action project to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) following reports of a project centered around The Thunderbolts being confirmed. The studio has introduced several members throughout multiple projects as fans debate online, which will feature in the film.

As Marvel Studios is planning to head into production with The Thunderbolts relatively soon, the potential of seeing more members appearing soon is a possibility. We've gathered the intel to learn more about the latest MCU project, including production and release dates, cast, and characters.

Marvel's Thunderbolts – Release and production dates

marvels thunderbolts film cast character baron helmut zemo comic books
There have been multiple iterations of The Thunderbolts during its comic book run; however, some core members, including Baron Helmut Zemo, remained affiliated with the team. (Picture: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Studios is bringing the fictional villainous team, The Thunderbolts, to the MCU in a live-action film project. According to a report from Deadline, the project is moving forward, having enlisted director Jake Schreier to helm the project.

While production dates have yet to be revealed, it's still a while off until we receive an official release date from Marvel Studios. Even so, with the D23 Expo confirmed for this September, there is a chance we may learn more about the project before it moves into production.

Marvel's Thunderbolts – Film synopsis

Similarly, as we don't have any information regarding the film's release or production dates, there isn't much we can tell regarding the film's plot. If the team's comic book history could be used as a reference, the Thunderbolts were a group of morally grey characters, villains, and anti-heroes, who often completed missions for various government agencies with their actual plans kept out of sight.

Despite the limited amount of information available outside of the team's comic book appearances, the only few key details we can report on, as of writing, are the casting and characters. Some have been introduced to the MCU in the last few years, with two notable members appearing since Phase 1.

Marvel's Thunderbolts – Cast and characters

As the Thunderbolts are poised at being the MCU's live-action version of DC's Suicide Squad, the characters part of this ensemble are reformed villains and familiar anti-heroes. Not to be confused with the similarities between Thunderbolts and Midnight Sons, the Thunderbolts have to hide their treacherous agendas from the authorities and the public.

marvels thunderbolts film cast character baron helmut zemo the falcon and the winter soldier series
Helmut Zemo first appeared in Captain America: Civil War before reemerging in The Falcom and the Winter Soldier series. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

In the Marvel Comics, the team's original members included Erik Josten/Goliath/Atlas, Anthony "Tony" Masters/Taskmaster, Paul Ebersol/Fixer, Karla Sofen/Moonstone, and Melissa Gold/Songbird. The team by Baron Helmut Zemo, a character already introduced in the MCU.

While it's seemingly possible that Marvel Studios may introduce one other member, likely from its original comic book line-up, we may have to look towards a future MCU project for the character to be introduced. Regardless, these are the characters likely to be a part of the MCU's Thunderbolts that have been introduced:

  • Baron Helmut Zemo
  • Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier
  • Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Yelena Belova/Black Widow
  • Emil Blonsky/The Abomination
  • Antonia Dreykov/Taskmaster
  • Ava Starr/Ghost
  • John Walker/US Agent
marvels thunderbolts film cast character bukcy barnes the winter soldier white wolf the falcon and the winter soldier series
Despite renouncing his former villainous ways, Bucky Barnes could potentially revisit them in The Thunderbolts film. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

The Thunderbolts project could potentially serve as a medium to reintroduce The Defenders officially to the MCU. Some members of The Defenders have joined the Thunderbolts, including Frank Castle/The Punisher, Elektra Natchios, and Luke Cage, or continue to retain their working relationship with Sony to bring Eddie Brock/Venom for more screen time.

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Featured image courtesy of Marvel Studios.