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Marvel's Morbius - All post-credit scenes and Easter eggs

Before it hits the screens on April 1st, here's everything you need to know about all the post-credit scenes and Easter eggs in Marvel's Morbius.
Marvel's Morbius - All post-credit scenes and Easter eggs

After the announcement of Morbius in November 2017, fans of the Marvel comics and comic book cinematic universes have been waiting patiently for the living vampire to jump onto the big screen. After the long wait, we will have all the questions raised by trailers and leaks answered as the movie is set to release this Friday, the 1st of April. 

Fans who have already seen the movie at its premier have leaked some info regarding its post-credit scene. These details have added more questions like where this movie fits within the Sony universe and how it ties in with the already established MCU.

Today we'll have a look at the details from this post-credit scene. Along with other easter eggs we know of and what you can expect when walking into theatres on Friday! 

Marvel's Morbius post-credit scenes and Easter eggs

Post Credit Scenese fetur the Vulture
Both Post Credit Scenes depict Vulture from the MCU's Spider-Man films. (Picture: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Thanks to a fan's review after seeing the movie premier. We have been given the details of the post-credit scenes via Reddit user “Masked Zemo.” Below we will provide details of what the two post-credit scenes featured in Morbius will contain.

Post Credit Scene 1

During the first post-credit scene, we see the appearance of the purple rift that appeared at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home. We then see Toomes (Vulture) is transported from his prison cell in the MCU to a prison cell in the Morbius universe.

He is then later set free as there is no evidence to hold him in prison in this universe, being that he committed no crimes in the current Morbius/Sony universe. 

As we know from the post-credit scene of Venom 2, No Way Home's ending has opened up a connection between the universes and will allow for some crossovers and team-ups soon, making this scene sensible. 

Post Credit Scene 2

The second scene is a bit more controversial - to put it lightly. We see Morbius driving through the desert, and he hears a strange sound. After stopping the vehicle, he sees someone approaching him from far away, and it turns out to be Vulture (Somehow in his MCU outfit). 

He then speaks to Morbius and informs him of his plan to get revenge on Spider-Man, to which he asks Morbius if he wants to join him on this revenge mission, and Morbius accepts. 

This revelation hasn't gelled well with fans as we are left confused as to why Vulture is unaware that he is in a different universe since thinking it is the MCU's Spider-Man would make sense as to why he wants "revenge". 

But if he does know, we are just as confused as to why he's deciding to get revenge on a Spider-Man that he doesn't know from a completely different universe. 

Regardless of our confusion, we are guaranteed to find out the details once the film releases on Friday. But we aren't holding our breaths for this one to be tied up neatly. 

Venom Easter Eggs

Venom in the Morbius Universe
We have seen multiple references to Venom being an active player in the Morbius films universe. (Picture: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The latest trailers have given us various references and easter eggs to the Venom movies. Agents Rodriguez (Al Madrigal) and Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson) quote that they "Haven't had anything good since San Francisco ''. 

As both of the Venom movies are in San Francisco, we can assume they are referencing those string of murders that are similar to the ones they are investigating around Morbius. 

Another reference that might be a bit "on the nose" is Michael Morbius giving direct dialogue reference to Venom's existence. He scares a criminal by saying, "I am Venom", and then laughingly says he's just kidding directly after. 

The Universes Easter Eggs

Finally, the trailers and sneak previews have a lot of hidden easter eggs and references buried in the backdrop and dialogue, but some of them garner more confusion than excitement. 

The Daily Bugle in Morbius
The Daily Bugle confirmed to be a newspaper publicist in the new Morbius film. (Picture: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The Daily Bugle is one of the biggest easter eggs we have. First off, being a newspaper indicates this is not based in the MCU, where the Daily Bugle is a web-based style show hosted by J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson and not a large newspaper publicist.

The newspaper also has references to both Black Cat and Rhino. While Black Cat is a character not shown in the live-action universe of Spiderman yet, this is most likely a set-up for a possible solo movie or cameo later on. 

Rhino however has been depicted in The Amazing Spider-Man, leading us to believe this could be the universe shared by Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man. 

Spiderman Reference in Morbius
Sam Raimi's Spider man referenced in graffiti in an alley in the Morbius trailer. (Picture: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Another is the reference to a Spider-Man image on an alley wall, that has been spray-painted over with the words "Murderer". This would make sense for MCU's Spider-Man after the Events of Far From Home. 

But because this depicts Toby Macguire's Spider-Man suit, we are left somewhat confused? Could this be set in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man universe? And has Peter become more of a hated vigilante than your friendly neighbourhood hero? 

Oscorp tower in morbius
The Oscorp Tower featured in the Morbius Trailer. (Picture: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

And finally, Oscorp Tower. Since both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s respective Spider-Man movies feature this tower in their cities, It's more presumably to say the Morbius takes place in one of these universes. Considering the only time the green goblin has appeared in the MCU has been through the events of No Way Home. 

However, this isn't to say it couldn't be a new rendition of both the company and the iconic villain Green Goblin, being introduced in the upcoming Morbius movie. 

Check out the latest trailer for Morbius Below. 

And there you have it, everything you need to know regarding the post-credit scenes of Morbius and the easter eggs hidden within the trailer. 

We have high hopes for this movie and hope you join us in catching this movie as it hits the big screens tomorrow, the 1st of April. 
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Featured image courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment.