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How To Use Deadpool’s Food Truck In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood Deadpool has arrived in Midnight Suns, and he’s brought his Food Truck to the Abbey with a unique ability.
How To Use Deadpool’s Food Truck In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's "Merc with a Mouth" Deadpool arrived in Marvel's Midnight Suns as the game's first DLC character. As the latest playable Hero for the tactical RPG, the game promises to explore Deadpool's recruitment to the Midnight Suns and why he agreed.

With new missions and cosmetics to be added to the game, a brightly-colored vehicle will be making a pit stop at the Abbey, bringing a tasty, unique ability that can safeguard your Hero from further damage. Here's what we know about Deadpool's Food Truck, how to get it, and what the Discard ability does in Midnight Suns.

What Is The Deadpool Food Truck In Midnight Suns?

It's no secret that Deadpool loves chimichangas, and he's made that known in every medium possible, fourth wall breakage included. In the trailer for the new DLC for Midnight Suns, he'll bring a new Abbey upgrade, the Food Truck, which will surely delight and feed the souls of the Heroes that call the Abbey home.

marvels midnight suns game guide deadpool the good the bad and the undead dlc expansion food truck abbey upgrade
Not hard to miss, Deadpool's Food Truck comes bearing delicious treats and a new in-game ability. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

While we aren't sure if this Food Truck has the "World's Best Turduckens," you can find this truck parked in The Yard beside the pool, and it's not that hard to miss. The truck has various decals emblazoned on it and has Deadpool riding a unicorn, prompting its customers to "Stay Regular" and "Eat Deadpool."

But while it may stick out like a sore thumb, Deadpool's Food Truck has a unique purpose, especially when embarking on Tactical Missions in Marvel's Midnight Suns. And if its location doesn't indicate what you can do with the Food Truck, it will indeed be a "lifesaver" for the Heroes when utilized.

How To Use The Discard Ability In Midnight Suns

Deadpool's Food Truck may bring tasty delights, but it comes with a new ability that you can use when embarking on Tactical Missions. After you've acquired the food truck Abbey upgrade and placed it in position, you can gain the ability to discard a card to earn an extra move which can only be used once for each encounter.

marvels midnight suns game guide deadpool the good the bad and the undead dlc expansion mechanic feature discard ability
Once you've obtained the Food Truck, it will grant you a discarding ability that can help move your Hero away from enemy fire. (Picture: YouTube / Marvel’s Midnight Suns)

"The Move can only be used on the same turn that you Discard, but that's a small price to pay if one of your heroes would otherwise be elbow-to-elbow with an explosion," according to the official description. Additionally, you can upgrade Deadpool's Food Truck to receive a shoving ability with a move that makes avoiding enemy harm beneficial and keeps your Heroes alive for a while longer.

Obtaining Deadpool's Food Truck is included with The Good, the Bad, and the Undead DLC, which also adds Deadpool, new Ability and Skill cards, missions, and cosmetics, which can be purchased using Eclipse Credits. The Good, the Bad, and the Undead DLC are available separately to buy or as part of the Season Pass, which can also be purchased individually or included with the Legendary Edition for Midnight Suns.