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All Confirmed Playable & DLC Characters In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Teamwork does help you complete the story campaign as we learn all available playable characters and which characters are coming soon to Midnight Suns.
All Confirmed Playable & DLC Characters In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns may not possess a similar roster line-up to their comic counterpart, but they still inevitably have to face the Mother of Demons, Lilith, who had been risen from the dead by H.Y.D.R.A. The supernatural team, spearheaded by Sara/Caretaker and the Daywalker, Blade, reaches out to a few Avengers and other allies to resurrect the key to defeat Lilith, the Hunter.

Assisting the Hunter throughout the story campaign are 12 Heroes from Marvel Comics who represent notable teams and groups, including the Avengers, X-Men, the Runaways, and more. Here's the complete list of playable characters so far, excluding the Hunter in Midnight Suns.

12th May 2023 Update: We've updated this guide to confirm that the fourth DLC character, Storm, is available on 11th May 2023 in Midnight Suns. She will be available in her DLC, which is sold separately or included in the Season Pass and the Legendary Edition.

All Playable Characters In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Each character can join the party by progressing with the story campaign, with Captain Marvel, Blade, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange being the earliest Heroes. Further, through the game's progression, other Heroes like the Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, and the Hulk will be available to assist the Hunter much later. 


marvels midnight suns playable characters blade eric brooks steve rogers captain america
Blade becomes one of the Hunter's closest allies at the start of the game, assisting the Hunter when visiting The Yard.

The half-human, half-vampire "Daywalker," Eric Brooks or Blade, combines the best of both worlds: the strength, speed, endurance, and high senses attributed to his vampire abilities and the inability to burn under sunlight. Favoring a katana as his weapon, Blade mastered several fighting forms to compliment his high-velocity attacks, which enhanced his abilities.

Captain America

Captain Steve Rogers' heart and genetically altered abilities allowed him to serve humanity regardless of the fight he faced. With Lilith beckoning, Captain America happily assisted the Midnight Suns in defeating the Mother of Demons and making him a great ally in combat.

Captain Marvel

marvels midnight suns playable characters captain marvel carol danvers war room
When she's not helping the Avengers in duty, she can be found aiding the Midnight Suns to defeat Lilith.

Carol Danvers came to the help of the Midnight Suns quite early in the game and continues to provide her abilities and knowledge in and out of the battlefield. While she enjoys a good fight, Captain Marvel is an effective damage dealer, thanks to her Binary state.

Doctor Strange

Responsible for the reawakening of the Hunter, Doctor Steven Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts. Unfortunately, due to the Sanctum Sanctorum being under attack, he sets up shop at the Abbey, providing much need cosmic assistance to protect the world against Lilith.

Ghost Rider

marvels midnight suns playable characters ghost rider robbie reyes
The Spirit of Vengeance residing within Robbie Reyes, the character continues its hellish journey with the Midnight Suns.

The Ghost Rider is a long-standing member of the Midnight Suns, with Johnny Blaze being its founder. The character continues to find its presence, with Robbie Reyes possessing the Spirit of Vengeance as he's willing to protect his supernatural family by relentlessly punishing his enemies.

The Incredible Hulk

The last playable character confirmed, Bruce Banner, continuously provides much information and research into H.Y.D.R.A. activities, who are messing with Gamma technology. As his research discovers H.Y.D.R.A.'s actual plans, he brings out the "green guy" to aid the Midnight Suns to stop them and eventually Lilith.

Iron Man

marvels midnight suns playable characters iron man tony stark
Tony Stark's wealth, knowledge, and endless resources may be an unlikely fit for the Midnight Suns, but he does look good being a superhero.

Tony Stark is still the "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" that we know, but his wealth allows his access to resources that can effectively be useful, like the Iron Man suit. Switching to being a Hero, Stark uses his wealth and resources to change the world for the better, including defeating Lilith before his next board meeting.


Illyana Rasputin grew up in a rural village in Siberia, but her journey to becoming a powerful mutant occurred at a young age. After being kidnapped and imprisoned in Limbo by Mephisto, her mutant abilities began to form, which allowed her to travel through portals before she became his apprentice and eventually join older brother Colossus at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Nico Minoru

marvels midnight suns playable characters nico minoru sister grimm
Considered a powerful support character, Nico Minoru is also the youngest recruit to the Midnight Suns.

Born into privilege, Nico came from a family that prided itself in charitable works until she and the teenage children of various PRIDE members banded together to form The Runaways in the wake of a murder. Nico absorbed the Staff of One after her mother attempted to kill her, thus allowing her complete control of the staff and becoming a practitioner of dark magic.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff was birthed with the ability to channel powerful arcane magic, allowing her to seek her true potential and wield the all-powerful Chaos Magic. As she seeks out another famed witch, Agatha Harkness, to control her powers, this apprenticeship ends in tragedy and, subsequently, under Doctor Steven Strange's tutelage.


marvels midnight suns playable characters spider man peter parker nico minoru
Rushing to the aid of the Midnight Suns, Spider-Man's web-slinging abilities quickly helped them defeat Venom.

Peter Parker was an unlikely ally to the Midnight Suns, who he came to their aid as they attempted to defeat Venom. Before further damage could be unleashed in Manhattan, Spider-Man provided his web-slinging abilities to defeat Venom but took some damage which saw him take up refuge at the Abbey.


As unpredictable and broody as Logan can be, the Wolverine's near-indestructible body and self-healing capabilities make him an unstoppable force. Now fighting alongside the X-Men, he helps out the Midnight Suns in the name of justice and honor.

All DLC Characters In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Firaxis Games confirmed in a developer post on 26th October 2022 that four more characters will join the Midnight Suns for the game's Season Pass. If you pre-ordered the Legendary Edition, you received multiple cosmetics for all Heroes, as Deadpool, Venom, Morbius, and Storm will arrive in-game as DLC content.

Furthermore, Firaxis Games stated that these DLCs would be launched sometime in 2023, with dates confirmed closer to the time. Below we've detailed all DLC characters available for Marvel's Midnight Suns:


The first released DLC character for Midnight Suns is the fourth wall-breakin', Spider-Man lovin', Chimichunga-eatin' Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool. Wade's wise-cracking expertise was displayed when he took control of all social media channels (and provided more fourth wall-breaking), so it comes as no one's surprise how much he isn't wanted at the Abbey, even if Tyhe Hunter politely invited him.


Venom was an early-game boss during the Story Missions involving the Sanctum Sanctorium, as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man aided the Midnight Suns in diverting his attention. Eddie Brock decides to atone for past mistakes by working with Spidey and the Suns, bringing the Whisper Web with him to the Abbey in his redemption arc.


The Living Vampire, Dr. Michael Morbius, also seeking redemption and bloodthirsty revenge after his research was halted when H.Y.D.R.A. claimed his lab. Sought out by Blade, Morbius aids the Suns with a unique skill set that will surely drain the life out of his enemies, much to his delight.


marvels midnight suns characters guide all playable dlc charactes storm ororo munroe x-men
Storm joins the Midnight Suns at the invitation from Magik to help her locate a missing mutant child. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

Being one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel Comics, Ororo Munroe / Storm's abilities to manipulate weather were initially feared by many; however, later was praised by her village members. Once Charles Xavier / Professor X heard about a mutant with the ability to control the weather, he took her under his wing, giving her the name "Storm" and went on to join and lead the X-Men.

For the Suns, the paths crossed as she headed to New York City to find a powerful mutant child at an orphanage with Wolverine. Magik convinces her to seek assistance from the Midnight Suns which she later joins to help her track down the missing mutant.