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How To Find & Solve The Standing Stones Puzzle In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

If you've stumbled across mysterious Standing Stones around the Abbey, learn how to solve the puzzle in this guide for Marvel's Midnight Suns.
How To Find & Solve The Standing Stones Puzzle In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns' unique gameplay merges role-playing game (RPG) elements with card mechanics and Firaxis Games' tactical combat system for a fresh yet immersive experience. One of its unique features lets you explore the Abbey and its grounds, where you can uncover plenty of secrets and puzzles.

Such a puzzle can be encountered a handful of times during the prologue and first chapter of the game, where you'll discover a series of glyphs and multiple standing stones, but what does it mean? This guide details where to find them and how to solve the midnight Suns Standing Stones Puzzle.

Where To Find Standing Stones In Midnight Suns?

marvels midnight suns guide standing stones puzzle agatha harkness explanation
After meeting with Agatha Harkness and progressing her story questline, she'll explain to the Hunter what the Standing Stones are. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K Games)

According to Agatha Harkness, if you have found stones bearing deeply engraved markings while exploring the Abbey, these mystifying stones are known as Standing Stones. While its mysteries are connected to Agatha coincidentally, solving them takes time and patience and requires specific skills before attempting the puzzle.

Additionally, you'll need to have discovered a series of glyphs which can be found throughout the Abbey in the locations noted below:

The first set of glyphs is in a small room at the end of the Barracks inside the Abbey mounted against a wall. Memorize the order you need to solve the first puzzle, and you can find the Fire Elemental Rod and Thor's Tarot Card in this room.

marvels midnight suns guide standing stones puzzle the abbey barracks first glyphs
Across from the Fire Elemental Rod's location are a set of mysterious glyphs. Interesting?! (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K Games)

The second set of glyphs is in Agatha's Cottage on the map's north side, which means you'll need to progress with her story questline for this to be unlocked. Head inside, where the following glyph sequence is hanging on the wall.

The third set can only be accessed once all Trials of the Elder Gods have been completed and you've acquired all Words of Power. Make your way to Lilith's Garden northeast of the map and use the "Break" Word of Power to destroy a cracked stone door.

marvels midnight suns guide standing stones puzzle liliths garden third glyphs
Uncover the secret to Lilith's Garden and locate a breakable wall to find the third set of glyphs. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K Games)

Use the ladder which leads you to a hidden room beneath the garden where a breakable wall can be spotted when exploring the area. Use the "Break" Word of Power on the wall, and head inside the space to find the last glyph sequence.

How To Solve Standing Stones Puzzle In Midnight Suns?

With all three glyphs discovered, you can Fast Travel to the Standing Stones location east of the Abbey. Solving this puzzle requires you to have obtained the "Open" and "Reveal" Words of Power, as you'll need the latter to activate the marked stone.

marvels midnight suns guide standing stones puzzle map location fast travel
After finding the Standing Stones location, you can Fast Travel to the location to solve the puzzle. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Once activating the standing stone, five glyph markings will appear on each stone pillar in this area, and if you remember the order for each sequence, you can solve them by interacting with each marked pillar. Once solved, a Legendary Chest will spawn at the center; doing this twice more will complete the Standing Stones puzzle.

As the order of each set of glyphs will be different for each player, solving them earns you three Legendary Chests, which contain cosmetics, Gloss, and more to use for upgrades. As such, this puzzle can only be solved once you've progressed with the story questline to access Agatha's Cottage and Lilith's Garden and get all Words of Power.

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