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All Marvel's Midnight Suns Trophies & Achievements

Blaze through the game by collecting the trophies and achievements listed in this guide, in a single playthrough, for Marvel's Midnight Suns.
All Marvel's Midnight Suns Trophies & Achievements

Marvel's Midnight Suns are gaining positive reviews for its well-developed narrative direction and unique combat mechanics, which the latter has become synonymous with developer Firaxis Games. As players continue to amass a roster of playable Heroes, including Blade, Wolverine, and The Incredible Hulk, there are special rewards that can also start grinding toward – Trophies and Achievements.

Most of the Trophies and Achievements are connected to your progression with the story campaign, which also has a specific objective for earning them. This guide details all the Trophies and Achievements you can acquire during your campaign of Midnight Suns.

12th May 2023 Update: We've updated this guide to reflect the addition of several Achievements and Trophies included with the Blood Storm DLC for Midnight Suns. The original guide continues below.

Complete Trophy List & Achievements For Midnight Suns

marvels midnight suns trophies achievements guide playstation pc xbox rarity gamerscore
There are 66 Trophies and Achievements and their rarities and Gamerscore to obtain throughout the story campaign for Midnight Suns. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

According to notable trophy databases, TrueAchievements, and PlayStation Trophies, Marvel’s Midnight Suns includes 66 Trophies or Achievements from its base game and four DLCs. Each trophy and Achievement comes with its Gamerscore and Trophy rarity, depending if you’re playing on Xbox or PlayStation, as the Achievements remain the same for PC.

For Achievement hunters, this includes a Platinum Trophy or Achievement for acquiring all Trophies or Achievements for the game. As of writing, there are a few secret Trophies or Achievements, and a few are tied to the game’s story campaign, meaning players can jump back into the game or start another playthrough.

Below, we’ve listed all Trophies and Achievements for Marvel’s Midnight Suns in order of their corresponding Trophy rarity or Gamerscore:

Trophy/Achievement Title: Objective: Trophy Rarity/Gamerscore
Big Game Hunter Acquire all Midnight Suns Trophies/Achievements Platinum/75 Gamerscore
A Light Extinguished Completed all New York Story Missions (secret trophy/Achievement) Gold/50 Gamerscore
Big Mad Completed all Southwest Story Missions (secret trophy/Achievement) Gold/50 Gamerscore
Family is Forever Completed all Transia Story Missions (secret trophy/Achievement) Gold/50 Gamerscore
Big Guns Use three various Legendary Hero Abilities within a single campaign Silver/25 Gamerscore
Extracurricular Activities Attend every Abbey Club meeting within a single campaign Silver/25 Gamerscore
Fully Operational Craft all Abbey upgrades in one campaign Silver/25 Gamerscore
Hunter the Explorer Locate every Haven within the Abbey Grounds in one campaign Silver/25 Gamerscore
A Mother’s Gift Have solved the mystery of Lilith’s Garden (secret trophy/Achievement) Silver/50 Gamerscore
A Growing Darkness Have reached maximum Dark Balance Bronze/25 Gamerscore
A Shining Light Have reached maximum Light Balance Bronze/25 Gamerscore
And Look Good Doing It Have spent 1,500 Gloss on cosmetics for the Hunter Bronze/25 Gamerscore
Are You On Superlink? Have gained a Friendship Level with a Hero Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Back in Time for Lunch Completed any General Mission within two turns or less Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Cape of Many Colors Applied any Suit palette to all Heroes within a single campaign Bronze/25 Gamerscore
Challenge Accepted Completed ten Challenge Mission Bronze/25 Gamerscore
Collateral Damage Have K.O.’d four enemies using environmental damage Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Did We Just Become Best Friends? Have reached the maximum Friendship Level with a Hero Bronze/25 Gamerscore
Dream Team Have K.O.’d a villain with a Hero combo Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble Used Agatha Harkness’ cauldron to complete a recipe Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Friendship is Magic Have reached the maximum Team Friendship at the Abbey Bronze/50 Gamerscore
Fully Armed Acquired all of the Hunter’s Hero Abilities Bronze/25 Gamerscore
Kitchen Sink Used five environmentals in one turn Bronze/10 Gamerscore
KKRRAKATHOOM Spent ten Heroism for one Ability Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Make a House a Home Have purchased ten various upgrades for the Hunter’s living Quarters Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Might Need Pockets Crafted a combat item using the Item Bench Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Needful Things Used 25 combat items Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Not a Scratch Completed a General Mission with no Heroes taking Health damage Bronze/25 Gamerscore
Pinball Wizard Have K.O.’d multiple enemies with one Knockback 25 times Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Quantity is Quality Used eight different Hero Abilities in one turn Bronze/25 Gamerscore
Some Minor Adjustments Applied mods to ten various Hero Abilities Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Speed Kills Have K.O.’d a villain using a Quick Ability Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Spread the Pain Have completed a Daily Sparring session with all Heroes Bronze/10 Gamerscore
T.H.R.E.A.T. Eliminated Have survived three turns at the THREAT Room with all Heroes Bronze/25 Gamerscore
The Best Girl Pet Charlie for 15 days in a row Bronze/10 Gamerscore
The Key Master Unlocked 25 Arcane Chests Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Trading Up Have redrawn 75 cards Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Unrequited Love Pet Ebony on four different days Bronze/10 Gamerscore
We Have Ways Interrogated five enemies Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Wilhelm Scream Used Knockback into Drops on two enemies in one turn Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Wisdom of the Woods Collected ten items of every Reagent Bronze/10 Gamerscore
With a Box of Scraps Have crafted a Hero Ability card at the Hellfire Forge Bronze/10 Gamerscore
You Absolute Legend Have completed any Midnight Suns Challenge at the Hellfire Forge Bronze/10 Gamerscore
You Have the Lead Completed any General Mission led by each Hero Bronze/25 Gamerscore
A Coven Restored Have solved Hiram Shaw’s church mystery (secret trophy/Achievement) Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Atum’s Call Acquired the “Reveal” Word of Power(secret trophy/Achievement) Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Elemental, My Dear Agatha Have solved Agatha’s Altar mystery (secret trophy/Achievement) Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Hyppus’ Aid Acquired the “Purify” Word of Power (secret trophy/Achievement) Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Lilith Returns Have completed the tutorial stage (secret trophy/Achievement) Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Oshtur’s Gift Acquired the “Open” Word of Power (secret trophy/Achievement) Bronze/10 Gamerscore
Set’s Favor Acquired the “Break” Word of Power (secret trophy/Achievement) Bronze/10 Gamerscore
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead DLC – Deadpool's Achievements/Trophies
That Special Feeling Have completed Deadpool's Midnight Sun Challenge Mission Silver's/30 Gamerscore
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead Have completed all of Deadpool's Story Missions Silver/30 Gamerscore
Dr. Deadpool, MD, PhD, JD, RN, CPA Have completed every Deadpool Research project Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Hemophobic Have completed a Vampyre Mission without a Hero Bleeding from a Vampyre Bite  Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Time to Make the Chimichangas Have reached maximum En Fuego with Deadpool Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Redemption DLC – Venom's Achievements/Trophies
Lethal Protector Have completed Venom's Midnight Sun Challenge Mission Silver/30 Gamerscore
Redemption Have completed all of Venom's Story Missions Silver/30 Gamerscore
Comeback King Have completed every Venom Research project  Bronze/15 Gamerscore
It's All Connected Used the Whisper Web to modify five General Missions Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Never Been Satisfied Have spent and refilled Venom's Ravenous meter within one encounter Bronze/15 Gamerscore
The Hunger DLC – Morbius' Achievements/Trophies
Bond of Blood Have completed Morbius' Midnight Sun Challenge Mission Silver/30 Gamerscore
The Hunger Have completed all of Morbius' Story Missions Silver/30 Gamerscore
Beyond Biochemistry Have completed every Morbius Research project  Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Living Vampire Used Morbius' Bloodlust on the first turn before retaining it for the remainder of a mission Bronze/15 Gamerscore
What's in This, Anyway? Applied stat modifications to five Heroes through the Laboratory Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Blood Storm DLC – Storm's Achievements/Trophies
Dracula's Tomb Have completed the Dracula's Tomb mission (Secret) Gold/90 Gamerscore
Blessings of the Goddess Have completed Strom's Midnight Sun Challenge Mission Silver/30 Gamerscore
Blood Storm Have completed all of Storm's Story Missions Silver/30 Gamerscore
Elemental Teachings Have completed every Strom Research project  Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Patience, Young One Have played three various Storm abilities with the activated Next Turn bonuses in one turn Bronze/15 Gamerscore
Shocking Development Have stunned four enemies using Storm abilities in one turn Bronze/15 Gamerscore