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Players left angry at Marvel's Avengers' expensive microtransactions

According to those fans who are keenly following the game in its road to release, microtransactions in Marvel’s Avengers mat already be getting a little out of hand.
Players left angry at Marvel's Avengers' expensive microtransactions
Cosmetic changes are set to be a big part of Marvel’s Avengers, especially in its post-game content. With plenty of items and upgrades to grind for, in a somewhat MMO-inspired format, of course, cosmetics would play a big role, but players are already angry about the prices of the in-game store.

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(Picture: Square Enix)

According to recent reveals, decking out your favourite Avenger is going to be a rather costly endeavour. In a post on the PlayAvengers subreddit, user Forceman4077 complains that the prices are reminiscent of a Free To Play game, rather than those of a full-priced title like Marvel’s Avengers.

As it stands, these are the current pricings revealed to be in the US marketplace:

  • Legendary Outfit - $14
  • Legendary Emote - $10
  • Epic Takedown - $12
  • Epic Outfit - $9
  • Epic Emote - $5
  • Rare Outfit - $7
  • Rare Emote - $2.50
  • Uncommon Nameplate - $1

This is on top of each hero coming with its own $10 battle pass price, which adds a lot more content to the game than just a simple animation or outfit. 

Of course, none of these cosmetics will actually affect the game in any way, but it’s sure to anger completionists that it’s not possible to get their hands on their favourite gear without opening their wallets. These prices are subject to change, however, and should they not turn a profit, it’s likely that Square Enix might see fit to alter their pricing model.

However, given that fans will likely still purchase cosmetics at these prices, it may turn out that the developer was correct to price things this heavily. Just look at Valorant’s example, where skins cost an extortionate amount of money for a single gun, and even more to upgrade its animations. Plenty of people still have no issue shelling out for the skin, even whilst complaining about the prices, effectively justifying the developer's decision.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on 4th September, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.