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Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Soar Trophy Guide

You've got to fly hard.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Soar Trophy Guide

The platinum trophy for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 isn't too tough, in keeping with the difficulty levels of the Platinum trophies for the first two games in the series. You should unlock most of the trophies just by playing through the game normally. However, one trophy in particular will likely give players a hard time, the 'Soar' trophy. We're here to explain how to make this particular annoyance easier.

How To Get The Soar Trophy

The Soar trophy requires you (as either one of the Spider-Men) to traverse across a wide swathe of the map by only using your web wings:

"Using only your Web Wings, glide from the Financial District to Astoria. (Wind Tunnels are okay!)"

In order to do this quickly, you want to travel to around the middle of the Financial District. Once you arrive, you'll be placed in the path of a Wind Tunnel. Follow it until the end and then use a vent just in front of you to give you height. Fly towards the right-hand side and you'll come across another wind tunnel. This particular wind tunnel will actually take you almost the entire way across the water and towards Astoria, but you need to make sure that you dodge out of the way of a few obstacles (mainly the massive bridge that could stop you in your tracks). 

You only need to enter the very edge of Astoria to unlock the trophy, so just make sure you dodge everything in your path and you should unlock it with the greatest of ease. The platinum should be with you in no time.