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Where Is Aunt May's Grave In Spider-Man 2

Here's where you can find Aunt May's grave in Spider-Man 2.
Where Is Aunt May's Grave In Spider-Man 2
Shreyansh / Insomniac Games

May Parker may not be in Spider-Man 2, but she has a looming presence nonetheless. Peter is still grieving her death, and there are moments in the story where May is referenced. 

While it's unfortunate that Aunt May isn't around anymore to share her wisdom, you could still visit her grave and pay your respects. There's also a trophy tied to it, so if you're a trophy hunter, you may want to visit May's grave. Here's where you can find it. 

May Parker's Grave Location In Spider-Man 2


You can find Aunt May's grave in the Harlem District. It's in the northernmost part of the cemetery, next to Uncle Ben's grave. Just southwest of here is Jefferson Davis' grave. 

Head towards Aunt May's grave, and you will get the option to interact with it. Doing so will unlock the "You Know What to Do" trophy.


Do note that you won't be able to interact with Aunty May's and Jefferson Davis' graves if you're wearing any of the Black Spider-Man suits. Just put on any that makes you look like the good old Spider-Man, and you should able to interact with the grave.