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How To Buy Upgrades In Meet Your Maker

Here is how to buy upgrades in Meet Your Maker.
How To Buy Upgrades In Meet Your Maker

Upgrades are your key to advancing in Meet Your Maker, allowing you to raid more efficiently, earn more resources, increase the effectiveness of your traps, and more. With all of the various ways to level up your gear, bases, and raid progress in Behaviour's newest game, though, upgrading can get pretty confusing. In this article, we'll explain how to purchase upgrades in Meet Your Maker so you can improve the quality of your bases, gear and more.

How To Upgrade Items In Meet Your Maker

advisors meet your maker
Advisors are your key to purchasing upgrades in Meet Your Maker. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

If you want to purchase upgrades in Meet Your Maker, you thankfully won't need to go far; in fact, you can purchase all of the upgrades you need from your Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is home to not only the Chimera, but five helpful advisors who can grant you useful bonuses and upgrades to take with you on your raids and builds. 

All of the advisors can be found sitting in chairs in the Sanctuary, working on their jobs. If you approach them, they will turn around and speak to you to allow you to purchase upgrades. Just press 'F' to talk to the advisor, and from there, you can choose the upgrades you want. 

Depending on what type of upgrade you want to buy, you'll need to talk to a particular advisor:

  • Chrona (Weapons Advisor) - Weapons and shields
  • Elpida (Hardware Advisor)  - Grenades, portable shields, more
  • Metamorph (Guards Advisor) - Guards for Outposts
  • Prota (Traps Advisor) - Traps for Outposts
  • Prosarmogi (Suits Advisor) - Suits

No matter which advisor you talk to, you'll be able to purchase items and upgrades for them in return for Cells and Parts. Cells and Parts can be found by raiding Outposts and killing enemies on enemy Outposts.

Note that every advisor also has their own Boost, but this is different than upgrades - Boosts provide a passive bonus, while upgrades increase the effectiveness of a purchased item.

That's about it - you now know how to upgrade your items in Meet Your Maker! The game's five advisors can help you on your way to getting your hands on better items and great upgrades so you can build better Outposts and level up your Chimera.