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Meet Your Maker Patch Notes and Latest Changes (October 2023)

Here are the most recent patch notes for Meet Your Maker, including all updates, changes, fixes and more.
Meet Your Maker Patch Notes and Latest Changes (October 2023)
Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive's Meet Your Maker is a base-building and raiding game where players can build their own impenetrable bases and try to conquer opponents' well-designed death traps. Quite a departure from the world of Dead by Daylight.

The game is relatively new, and developers are still regularly adding new major content updates for fans to explore and enjoy. With new tiles, deco packs, and more, builders can not only create brilliantly terrifying bases with puzzles and obstacles for raiders to overcome, but design them in a way that aligns with their style.

Without further ado, here are the most recent Meet Your Maker patch notes, including all the new content and bug fixes.

20 October 2023 - Checked for updates, hotfixes and any new changes

Latest Meet Your Maker Patch Notes

Just below you'll find all the latest patch notes for Meet Your Maker, including details of any hotfixes released by the team and any changes to traps, guards, weapons, and more.

26 September 2023 - Patch Notes

Custodians, as we brace ourselves for the ascent of the Shattered Peak, be sure to bundle up against the unforgiving, bitter cold.

Sector 2 takes you to a frozen Sanctuary in the deepest depths of the Arctic wasteland. With a new Custodian Suit, Guard, Deco Packs and more, there are a ton of horrors to unravel, and loads of fresh Building and Raiding strategies to experiment with.

But that’s not all, this update brings in an all-new difficulty system, a slew of quality-of-life updates, bug fixes, balancing changes and even more! Let’s dive into the patch notes, shall we?


  • New Environment: Shattered Peak
    • An all-new Outpost environment deep in the vast and unforgiving Arctic wasteland.
  • New Guard: Assassin
    • A hunter that relies on stealth to ambush its target. With a cloaking field based on Holocube tech, it remains nearly imperceptible until it unleashes a devastating dash attack.
  • New Custodian: Overseer
    • The Overseer can slowly glide after jumping. In addition, its powerful Biolinks can reveal the location of the Harvester Path, Forsaken Tombs, and nearby resources.
  • New Deco Pack: Ice
    • A Deco Pack inspired by the Arctic wasteland, featuring blocks of ice, frozen metal, thermal heaters, fluttering tarp, and a decal set featuring the markings of a northern shelter.
  • New Cosmetic Collection:
    • New Deco Pack: Lab: Design your own frozen laboratory with winter-proof panels, computer modules and lighting, and a set of decals to guide or deceive Raiders.
    • New Cosmetics: Gear up with the Epic Icebreaker cosmetic for the Overseer Suit, and the Epic Yeti cosmetic for the Volt Lancer.


There’s no right way to build an Outpost—and that’s a good thing. With traps and guards around every corner, players know to expect the unexpected when raiding Outposts. But what shouldn’t be unexpected is a difficulty spike after you’ve chosen an Outpost to raid. We want everyone’s journey to be as fun as possible, and that includes better accommodating different player preferences.

This new update brings an overhaul of the difficulty system that will make it easier for Raiders to choose the kind of Outposts they want to play. This change affects not only how difficulty is displayed, but also how it's calculated.

Previously, Outpost Danger Score (Normal, Hard, Brutal) was calculated solely on automated factors such as guard and trap placement in relation to the Harvester path. With patch 1.4 we made several tweaks to this system, taking into account trap density, trap combos, and many other factors. We’ve since made even more changes and fixed several bugs based on player feedback that resulted in more difficult Outposts appearing in the Normal category.

In addition to this modified initial Danger Score, our new system will have a dynamic component that assesses both the Raider and the Outpost to make the difficulty score a living, breathing rating that can rise or fall depending on Raider performance. Factors such as skill level of the Raider, number of times they died, and more will be considered as the Outpost difficulty score gradually adjusts.

When Sector 2 launches, we'll be turning on this new dynamic component in the background to collect data, fine-tune the system, and to let initial ratings stabilize. Soon after, with our upcoming Mid-Sector update, we’ll be fully launching the dynamic Outpost difficulty system and rewards for players. The more you raid, the more accurate our difficulty system will be. So we’re calling on you, Custodians—raid as much as possible!

And finally, in preparation for this change, and to give players a more accurate view of difficulty, we'll be supplementing an Outpost’s categorization as Normal, Hard, or Brutal with a 10-point difficulty scale symbolized by skulls. The more skulls you see, the deadlier the Outpost.

Whether you’re seeking a high-speed challenge or a slower, more calculated experience, we want Meet Your Maker to work for everyone. This system will help make raiding a more consistent experience and let you better choose the type of challenge you're after.


  • The new Sector 2 Ranking Season has begun, and for players who participated in Sector 1, the following Cosmetic rewards will be rewarded based on your Rank tier.
    • Gold or higher: Stormforce Kamataichi Suit Cosmetic
    • Silver or higher: Misfortune Volt Lancer Weapon Cosmetic

The following Decals will also be rewarded based on your Rank tier.

  • Master Sector 1 Decal
  • Gold Sector 1 Decal
  • Silver Sector 1 Decal
  • Bronze Sector 1 Decal

Stay tuned for the full reveal of the Sector 2 Ranking Rewards in the coming weeks!


  • Mouse and Keyboards are now supported on consoles.[JC1] 
  • FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution by AMD) is now supported on Steam Deck.
  • Loot registration (when loot is collected and added to the wallet) should be much more reliable now. This should address some of the issues raised by Raiders where loot wasn’t properly added to their wallet at the end of a Raid.
  • We have changed the loadout 3D preview lighting colour for a more neutral light colour, instead of a yellow light.


Arsenal Items Cost

  • Following player feedback, the following items’ Cells cost has been reduced from 15,000 Cells to 7,500 Cells:
    • Sector 1 Arsenal Items:
      • Nautilus Suit
      • Demolition Cannon
      • Ravager Guard
      • Sentry Beam Trap
    • Sector 2 Arsenal items will also maintain this new, reduced cost.


  • The community let us know that the Ravager tuning in the Rising Tides update was a little too harsh. We have done some further balancing to support its intended role of a short-range pressure unit better.
    • The Ravager’s attack spread pattern has been reshaped to be wider.
    • We’ve decreased the charging of the Ravager’s attack slightly, and increased its fire rate, allowing the initial engagement to be a little quicker.


In our recent Player Pulse survey, the community let us know that the Iron Claw, Incinerator, Plasma Sentinel and Sentry Beam traps needed some additional balancing. As such, we’ve made the following changes.

  • The warning time for the Iron Claw has been decreased from 1.0sec to 0.7sec.
  • The Iron Claw’s Quick Launch mod’s grapple fire speed has been increased.
  • The Incinerator’s reload time has been increased from 1sec to 1.5sec.
  • The Plasma Sentinel’s detection range has been decreased from 24m to 22m.
  • The Plasma Sentinel’s reload time has been slightly increased from 2.25sec to 2.75sec.
  • The Sentry Beam’s tracking speed has been slightly increased, and the tracking duration has been decreased from 3sec to 2sec.
  • The Sentry Beams’ Burst Beam mod tracking duration has been decreased from 2sec to 1sec, and its warning duration has been decreased from 2sec to 1sec.


  • Quick Strike: Melee lunge speed has been increased by 10% for each stage.
    • Stage 1: 25% (from 15%)
    • Stage 2: 40% (from 30%)
    • Stage 3: 55% (from 45%)
      • This change was implemented to ensure that Raiders get out of the lunge animation quicker.


  • Loot states are now registered on the backend during Raids, meaning loot will have persistent diminishing returns for a given Outpost. This will prevent “loot farms” from being abused by returning Raiders.
    • While these types of Outposts are clever and cool, and fun for one go, it can be unfair to grind these.



  • We have fixed an issue causing Guards to attack Raiders while standing at the edge of (but still inside) the Safe Zone.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Ravager to become idle despite having line of sight on Raiders.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users to respawn in the Safe Zone shortly after exiting the Safe Zone.
  • Fixed an issue causing loot to sometimes clip into blocks.


  • We have fixed an issue causing Test From Here to not always spawn players in their current position.
  • Added a missing Building HUD prompt for the "Hide All Range Previews" action
  • Fixed an issue causing Plasma Sentinel's Danger Score to not be calculated properly in certain setups (This could cause some existing Outpost’s Difficulty ratings to increase.)


  • We have fixed an issue which caused co-op guests to receive a disconnection error when attempting to join the Host while in Building Mode.
  • Fixed an issue which occasionally caused the game to infinitely load when a host on a last-gen console loads into a Raid with a guest on a current-gen console.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to crash when returning to the Sanctuary while in co-op.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the title to crash when Raiding or in “Test My Base” while in co-op.

 Social Mode:

  • We have fixed an issue causing the Social Raid icon to not always show in the Replay Menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing XP icons to show in Social Raid.


  • We have fixed an issue causing projectiles to display inconsistent colours in Replay.
  • Fixed an issue causing Replays to not record the first death of a Raider.
  • Fixed an issue causing partial loss of input when quickly navigating to the filter tab in the Replay Menu.


  • We have fixed an issue causing modified key bindings to reset after recent patches.
  • The haptic feedback caused by Death Pistons has been toned down on PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed an issue preventing proper navigation of the My Outposts menu on Xbox platforms.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Strip Mine Boost to not influence loot earned as a Builder.
  • Fixed an issue causing new item notifications to show in context where the new item cannot be accessed or viewed.
  • Fixed an issue causing available Daily Challenges to not be updated immediately after a Refresh action.
  • Fixed an issue leading to users at the Master Rank level to be ranked below users with less Ranking points.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some users to be able to delete an owned Outpost on Xbox consoles.


  • We have fixed an issue causing the Plasma Sentinel's cloud VFX to suddenly disappear when using the Plasma Cloud and Self-Destruct mods.


  • We have fixed an issue preventing trap mods from the Explosion category to not destroy certain traps while in range.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Hardened Skin mod to not block Incinerator fire.

15 August 2023 - Patch Notes

Our first Mid-Sector update, Rising Tides, has arrived, and with this update comes new features and content, balancing changes, quality-of-life updates, bug fixes and more! For a detailed breakdown, please see the patch notes below:



  • Always Social Outposts:
    • All Outposts that are set to Active or Overdrive can now be found via the Social Raid menu as well. This will allow Builders to share their devious creations without losing the benefit of keeping them Active.
      • Here are some key things to note about this new feature:
        • Raiding an Outpost on Social while it is available to Raid on your Raid Map will result in the Outpost being removed from the World Map.
        • Launching an Outpost that was attempted but unfinished on the Raid Map will open a warning popup that reads: “You have already attempted to Raid this Outpost on your World Map. If you continue, it will be removed from the World Map.”
        • Raiding an Outpost on Social that is set to Active/Overdrive by the Builder will still be considered a Social Raid, so you will not receive any loot, XP, nor Ranking Points.
  • Daily Challenges:
    • The all-new Daily Challenges system for Raiders replaces the current Chimera Tribute system, giving Raiders a steady stream of tasks, which encourage the use of different mechanics and strategies to complete, and will be rewarded with Cells for doing so.



  • 5 New Mods and Augments are available to unlock from Prota and Metamorph:
    • Iron Claw – Self Destruct: The Self-Destruct Mod causes the Trap to explode soon after being destroyed.
    • Sentry Beam – Burst Beam: This Mod increases the tracking rate and rate of fire but decreases the duration of its attack.
    • Death Piston – Pulverize: This Mod increases the Piston’s speed.
    • Incinerator – Firestorm: This Mod increases the duration in which its deadly flames are expelled.
    • Cannonback – Grand Sacrifice: This new Augment causes the Guard to sacrifice itself by exploding when close to their target.
  • New Decals:
    • 3 new colour decals are now available for all Builders: Hunter Green, Royal Blue, and Aquamarine.



  • Field of View can now be adjusted up to 110 on current generation consoles. (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/.
  • Replay scrubbing is now available on all platforms, allowing you to jump ahead and jump back on your replays.
  • Dreadshore lighting and fog have been adjusted to improve visibility in Outposts.
  • We have updated the game engine to Unreal 5.1, which should result in better shadow quality, a more accurate physical engine, and higher visual quality on high PC settings.
  • A new music track has been added to the Splash Screen and loading sequences.
  • Aim assist distance has been adjusted for the Falconic Plasmabow, Demolition cannon and the Ravager hitbox.
    • Demolition Cannon aim assist has been reduced to 20m, from 7 blocks to 5 blocks to better support its short/mid-range effective range.
    • Falconic Plasmabow aim assist has been increased from 7 blocks to 12 blocks to better support its long-range role.
  • Players can now see the impact of their actions on their Ranking in a Raid from the Raid Summary screen or from their Active Outposts in the Outpost reports.
  • The GenMat Progression UI in the Raid Map has been revamped. It should now be easier to identify the impact of the GenMat you would collect on your progression when choosing your next Raid.
  • Analog Turn Speed settings in Building have been adjusted to match with other controller setting values across the game



  • Plasma Sentinel Trap:
    • The size and duration of the Plasma Sentinel’s Plasma Cloud Mod has been reduced.
      • Size from 6m to 4m in diameter.
      • Duration from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Trap Capacity Cost Adjustments:
    • Sentry Beam Mod capacity costs have increased from 5 to 15.
    • The Self-Destruct Mod for the Death Piston has been increased from 10 to 15.
    • The Catch & Release Mod for the Iron Claw has been increased from 5 to 10.
  • Ravager Guard:
    • The Ravager’s vision has been decreased from 38m to 31m, matching the Enforcer’s sight range.
    • A range limit has been added to the Ravager’s projectiles to reduce effectiveness at longer ranges. Projectiles now fizzle over-distance.
    • The Ravager’s pre-attack duration has been increased from 1.5s to 2s.
    • The Ravager’s attack spread pattern has been reshaped by adding a circular grouping.




  • Fixed an issue preventing Co-op Raiders from reviving each other inside the escape zone when carrying the GenMat.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Co-op guests from using Grenades.
  • Fixed an issue causing Boosts activated by a Co-op guest to have no effect.
  • Fixed an issue causing Co-op guests from being awarded incorrect negative Ranking Points at the end of a Raid.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Co-op host's death marker to be unreachable for the guest in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue causing dead Co-op Raiders to become invisible while being revived in Test My Base.


  • Fixed an issue preventing certain Hardware with remaining charges to be used in Raid or not matching charges spent.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Phoenix Pods from being refunded after faulty placement.
  • Fixed an issue causing Volt Lancer projectiles to bounce off Warmonger armour in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue causing Lancer and Plasmabow projectiles to bounce off a guard's lower back.
  • Fixed an issue causing Cannonbacks to not consistently enter combat when the Raider is positioned above or below them.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Sentry Beam to not attack raiders when placed on a corner block.
  • Fixed an issue causing Sledgeblade's and Fury's Edge's animations to not play on consecutive attacks.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the Raider to destroy their grapple hook.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Iron Claw's chain to be unbreakable in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Raiders to peek inside certain block types.


  • Fixed an issue causing the difficulty rating of an Outpost to not update with Guard Recordings.
  • Fixed an issue causing the difficulty rating of an Outpost to not properly account for Traps placed on the Harvester's path.
  • Fixed an issue causing the difficulty rating of an Outpost to not properly account for Plasma Sentinel and Laser Beam traps being in close proximity to other traps.
  • Fixed an issue causing the total amount of skulls to not display when filter is set to "All"
  • Fixed an issue causing the Loadout to not update correctly while dead in Test My Base.
  • Fixed performance issues when using "Strip Outpost" on a saturated Outpost.

Command Center:

  • Fixed an issue displaying Holocubes in thumbnails (now displayed as bedrock)
  • Fixed dark thumbnails for Dreashore outposts.


  • Fixed an issue preventing users to move in free cam during Replays.
  • Fixed an issue displaying confusing raiding controls while viewing a Replay.
  • Fixed an issue causing performance issues when scrubbing replays on Consoles.


  • Fixed an issue causing new item notifications on Biolinks to not be dismissed properly.
  • Fixed an issue displaying erroneous values in the Chimera Evolution UI
  • Fixed an issue displaying a user's total Ranking Points as being awarded in Outpost reports.
  • Equipped cosmetic icons are now displayed consistently throughout the loadout instead of default icons.
  • Fixed an issue causing Suit Biolink to not show after having consulted a Biolink with a new item notification.
  • Fixed an issue displaying Ranking Earnings for "0" active outposts in Outpost Reports.
  • Fixed an issue causing the details of Outpost Reports to not be accessible.


  • Multiple title crash fixes

11 July 2023 - Patch Notes

Hey Custodians,

We have just released a hotfix which provides some bug fixes and stability improvements which should improve your overall gameplay experience. Please see the patch notes below for a full breakdown of today’s update:


  • We have fixed an issue with the Grenade physics which resulted in a very long and floaty throw trajectory compared to usual.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Traps to be indestructible when placed on Bedrock with Pipes.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Traps to be indestructible when placed on the corner piece of Chain Link Blocks.


  • We have re-added the missing Flamewalker Augment for the Warmonger. The removal of this Augment was unintentional.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Dead Man’s Switch Augment to not always trigger at a distance.


  • We have fixed multiple game title crashes.


  • We have fixed an issue in the UI which displayed guaranteed currency rewards for incomplete Raids.


  • We have fixed an issue which granted Ranking Points for an incomplete Raid.


  • We have fixed an issue which caused the Tempest Cove items to not display in the Inventory on certain platforms.

22 June 2023 - Patch Notes

Hey Custodians, 

In preparation for Sector 1: Dreadshore’s impending release on June 27th, we’ve just released a major patch update which features many balancing changes, quality of life updates, bug fixes and more. For a detailed breakdown, please see the patch notes below: 


  • We have added a new splash screen, loading screen and Easy Anti-Cheat artwork to celebrate Sector 1: Dreadshore’s upcoming release. 


  • Outposts may now be activated an infinite amount of times after reaching Prestige 10, for a Synthite Cost! 
    • Activating an Outpost beyond Prestige 10 will still reward players with resources, kills and Accolades.  
    • Outposts activated beyond Prestige 10 are no longer eligible to be Champion Outposts.  
  • Tutorial #2 “Raid an Outpost” has been improved to better teach the grappling hook and Forsaken Tomb mechanics. 
  • Newly released content will now be flagged with “!” notifications so players can easily identify content that has been released since they have last played.  
  • Loading screens now contain useful gameplay tips. 
  • The consequences of dying as it pertains to loot is now better explained on the death screen.  
  • The results of Prestiging while there is still GenMat to harvest has been clarified in the user-interface.  
  • "Aim response curve" visual support and text have been updated to better explain the effect of the various setting options. 
  • The contrast of cosmetic rarity type colors has been updated to be less subtle, and no longer blend with the UI.  


Synthite & Parts Balancing: 

  • We have added guaranteed Synthite and Parts rewards to Raiding to create a more dependable source of these currencies, while altering the effectiveness of other sources. Overall, this is a slight buff.
    • Regular Raids will grant Synthite or Parts depending on Outpost difficulty: 
      • Normal: 45 Synthite or Parts 
      • Dangerous: 60 Synthite or Parts 
      • Brutal: 75 Synthite or Parts 
      • Champion Outposts: 100 Synthite or Parts for ALL difficulties.  
  • Diminishing returns on the quantity of loot contained within drops from Skulls have been removed.  
  • The Forsaken Tomb loot drops have been reduced from 8 to 5.  
  • The Parts and Synthite rewards have been removed from the Daily Tribute Reward.  
  • The Spoils of War (Parts Boost) effects and cost have been reduced: 
    • Level 1:  
      • Effect: 10% to 5% 
      • Cost: 50 Cells & 100 Synthite to 50 Cells & 50 Synthite 
    • Level 2:  
      • Effect: 20% to 10% 
      • Cost: 75 Cells & 300 Synthite to 75 Cells & 150 Synthite 
    • Level 3:  
      • Effect: 30% to 15% 
      • Cost: 100 Cells & 500 Synthite to 100 Cells & 250 Synthite 
  • The Strip Mine (Synthite Boost) effects and cost have been reduced: 
    • Level 1:  
      • Effect: 10% to 5% 
      • Cost: 50 Cells & 100 Parts to 50 Cells & 50 Parts 
    • Level 2:  
      • Effect: 20% to 10% 
      • Cost: 75 Cells & 300 Parts to 75 Cells & 150 Parts 
    • Level 3:  
      • Effect: 30% to 15% 
      • Cost: 100 Cells & 500 Parts to 100 Cells & 250 Parts 

Trap Balancing: 

  • The Corrosive Cube’s capacity cost has been increased from 15 to 20.  
  • The Plasma Sentinel’s capacity cost has been increased from 50 to 70, and its Mods have also seen an increase in cost.  
    • Eagle Eye Mod: Capacity cost increased from 15 to 20 
    • Plasma Cloud Mod: Capacity cost increased from 15 to 20 
    • Self-Destruct Mod: Capacity cost increased from 15 to 20 

*Be advised that these Capacity Cost increases may push some Outposts to overcapacity, resulting in some Builders needing to remove defences to be able to reactivate their Outpost.  

Weapon Balancing:  

  • The Arc Barrier's Perfect Block window has been reduced by 0.5 seconds on each level. The new Perfect Block windows are as follows:  
    • Level 1: 0.25s 
    • Level 2: 0.35s 
    • Level 3: 0.5s 

Hardware Balancing:  

  • The Phoenix Pod can now be used twice per Raid. 
    • The Phoenix Pod is now automatically unlocked for all players, and players will start with 25 in their inventory.  
  • Players will now also start with 25 Grenades in their inventory.  



  • We have fixed an issue which prevented Raider deaths from being registered upon force quitting the game. Skulls will now register on every death instead of at the end of a Raid.  
    • Builders will now be rewarded with kills and loot even if the Raider quits by force closing the game on console, or by pressing Alt+F4 on PC.  
  • Fixed an issue where Buttons are not disabled in the blurred background of the Building Inventory.  
  • Fixed an issue where Outpost Capacity does not update in Co-op building. 
  • Fixed an issue where there would occasionally be no gap be no gap between an Incinerator’s Trap Range Preview and an object that is obstructing it. 


  • We have fixed an issue which prevented Co-Op party guests from receiving Ranking Points after completing a Co-Op Raid. 
  • Fixed an issue where Co-Op party guest does not gain experience upon completion of a Co-Op Raid. 
  • Fixed an issue where Death Pistons could trigger through invisible Holocubes.  
  • Fixed an issue that caused Co-Op partners to glow when revives are interrupted. 
  • Fixed an issue where low amounts of loot could be generated from destroying Traps or killing Guards in the Tutorial. 
  • Fixed an issue causing the Harvester to not follow the path when placing Second Wave Holocubes above corner blocks. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Raiders to die when standing on a wedge with a modded Death Piston below or behind the wedge. 
  • Fixed an issue where Death Pistons can kill a Raider through a Flash Barrier.  
  • Fixed an issue causing Hornets to stop patrolling after touching a ceiling. 
  • Fixed an issue where, if timed correctly, lunge attacks still destroy Traps even if the Raider is not range. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Raiders to revive inside a block after placing a Phoenix Pod to close to a wedge or Corrosive Cube. 
  • Fixed an issue where Guards continue to target a dead raider's body. 
  • Fixed an issue which could occasionally cause a Raider’s weapon to swap after firing the Grappling Hook.  
  • Fixed an issue where Traps placed on Wedge blocks cannot be destroyed when attacking from the side with melee weapons during Raids. 


  • We have fixed an issue where the Command Center and Replay Station notifications take more than 1 minute to appear when returning to the Sanctuary. 
  • Fixed an issue where message popups are always displayed when entering the Sanctuary when players did not receive the rewards. 


  • We have fixed multiple game title crashes.  
  • Fixed an issue causing a long delay before getting an error message, when attempting to purchase an item in the Advisor Shops without enough currency. 


  • We have fixed an issue where the Masquerade Mod icon does not match the Trap Classification. 
  • Fixed an issue causing the UI to display a large loss of ranking points after completing a raid. 
  • Fixed an issue where no resources are shown on the "Resources Discovered" at the end of a Raid. 


  • We have fixed an issue where the same weapon can be equipped in both weapon slots by using Customization options. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Biolink menu to be difficult to read under certain conditions. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Customization skins' preview is squished. 
  • Fixed an issue where Trap Mod icons could be visible on Trap frames when no Mods are applied. 


  • We have fixed an issue causing the "GenMat Defender" achievement to be unlocked under the wrong conditions. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing the "On Guard" achievement to be unlocked by some players. 
  • The Hellscape block surfaces have received an update to improve their audio quality.  
  • Animated props have received an update to improve their visual performance.  
  • Fixed visual issues when viewing certain blocks from a distance.  

..and that’s not all, as June 27th will see the release of Sector 1: Dreadshore in all its glory, with new content such as a brand-new Outpost Environment, Custodian, Trap, Guard and Weapon, new Deco Packs, a new Cosmetic Collection, as well as Ranking changes!  


guard dreadshore
Sector 1: Dreadshore includes a new guard. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
  • New Environment: Dreadshore 
    • A rainy, seaside Outpost Environment with battered shipwrecks and an ominous lighthouse beacon that shines bright, cutting through the fog and gloom.  
  • New Trap: Sentry Beam 
    • The Sentry Beam tracks its target before firing a laser beam that can ricochet off surfaces.  
  • New Guard: Ravager 
    • The Ravager is an aggressive sub-clone who fires bolts that spread out.  
  • New Weapon: Demolition Cannon 
    • A Cannon that fires reusable explosive shells that can deal massive damage to Traps, Flesh, and Armor.  
  • New Suit: Nautilus 
    • Nautilus is a Suit that enhances the effects of defensive weaponry. 
  • New Deco Pack: Tempest Cove 
    • Salt-worn designs from the cost, featuring 2 Building Blocks, 2 Props, 1 Animated Prop and 8 Decals. 

Those are the most up-to-date patch notes for Meet Your Maker. Now get out there and try out those new changes!