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Minecraft Sniffer: Where To Find, Drops, More

Here is how you can find the happiest mob, Sniffer, in Minecraft and what it will drop.
Minecraft Sniffer: Where To Find, Drops, More

Minecraft 1.20 update is going to release in 2023, and it will bring the brand Cherry Blossom biome, Camels, Archeology, and more. Apart from this, Sniffer Mob will also be making a comeback after winning the Mob Vote 2022, and Mojang has revealed all the details about it.

Sniffer is one of the cutest mobs in Minecraft, and it is essential for you to know where you can find it so that you don't get lost in the huge world of the game and still find nothing. Thus, here is a guide on finding Sniffer in Minecraft and what drops it will give.

Where to Find Sniffer in Minecraft and Drops

Sniffer mob will be available in Minecraft 1.20 update.
Sniffer Mob will be available in Minecraft 1.20 update. (Picture: Mojang)

Sniffer in an overworld mob, and as its name suggests, it loves to sniff and can sniff out unique seeds that will grow to become majestic plants. It is currently available in snapshot and beta; however, it will not have all the functionality. 

Since Sniffer was an extinct mob, you will not find it directly, but you will need to find its egg, and once it hatches, you will get Snifflet. Once Snifflet grows, it will turn into a Sniffer.


In order to find the egg, you will have to explore Warm Oceans and look for Suspicious Sands, which is a new feature in Minecraft. Make sure to keep a Brush with you that you can craft using x1 Stick, x1 Copper Ingot, and x1 Feather. 

The Suspicious Sands will have a different texture than Normal Sand, and once you find it, just use the Brush to reveal what's inside it, and you might find Sniffer's egg; however, it will not happen every time. 

Once you find an egg, take it to the land and simply place the Sniffer Egg and wait for it to hatch and it will take about 10 minutes. Once the Snifflet is out, you just need to wait for it to grow, and you can speed up the process by feeding him Torch Flowers to turn it into a Sniffer.

You can similarly get another Sniffer egg and turn it into a Sniffer. After that, let them find Torch Flower seeds and use them for breeding to get more Sniffer eggs and hence, Sniffers.

Sniffer is a passive mob which means it will not attack you even if you hit it. Upon killing a Sniffer, you will get one to three experience points and moss blocks. However, why would you kill this cute mob to get something which is available in huge amounts in Minecraft.

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