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How to Get 95 OVR Lightning Bobby Witt Jr. in MLB The Show 24

The first Lighting Player of the year is already dominating this season, and you can unlock Season Awards bobby Witt Jr. now in MLB The Show 24.
How to Get 95 OVR Lightning Bobby Witt Jr. in MLB The Show 24
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With several weeks of baseball now in the books, the Season Awards Drop 4 in Diamond Dynasty has brought the year's first Lightning Player to MLB The Show 24. Through the first 16 games of the season, Bobby Witt Jr. has been on an absolute tear. He was second in fWAR (1.4), average exit velocity (97.6 mph), and hard hit percentage (68%). Here, we'll outline how players can quickly unlock whim for free and give their MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty squad several powerful options in the process.

How to Unlock Lightning Bobby Witt Jr. in MLB The Show 24

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-04-19 14-30-59

Each week, new Topps Now cards and challenges arrive as the Season Awards Drops hit Diamond Dynasty. These each represent players who are lighting things up on the field in the MLB today, and the culmination about every month is the reveal of the Lightning Player, an ultra powerful Season Awards card that'll take several steps to acquire.

The first for MLB The Show 24 is a new 95 OVR Lightning Season Awards Bobby Witt Jr. that instantly becomes the second bwlayers can score from the Season 1 XP Reward Path in the Boss Pack. Fortunately, Bobby Witt Jr. is significantly easier to acquire.

How to Finish Every Season Awards Drop

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-04-19 14-30-20

Players will need to finish Season Awards Drop 1, Drop 2, Drop 3, and the newly released Drop 4 to complete the collection for our first Lightning Player of 2024. The first step in this for every player should be Moments. Back out of Diamond Dynasty entirely, head to Moments from the main menu, and work through all of the Season Awards Drop Moments before continuing anything else.

Doing this will net you chunks of progress in each program, and it should give you several Topps Now players to utilize. That's the key, as you need to then put every Topps Now you possibly can into your lineup. Missions on each of these programs are tied specifically to Topps Now players, both specific tasks and PXP goals.

While you could work through Conquest simultaneously or head online, the easiest and fastest way to grind through these programs is Play vs CPU. Take your Topps Now laden squad into a game against the Colorado Rockies and just keep on rolling. You'll get significant PXP on any pitcher, regardless of whether you win, just based on innings pitched.

Each drop also has general missions which correlate to specific positions or PXP with players from a specific team. You can easily complete every Season Awards program by working through these in Play vs CPU. If you happen to purchase a Season Awards Pack, there are also collections for those players, but this isn't required and likely isn't the most efficient path unless you're spending heavily on Stubs.