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Knuckleball Pitcher Matt Waldron is Breaking MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 Matt Waldron is becoming a meta monster in Diamond Dynasty.
Knuckleball Pitcher Matt Waldron is Breaking MLB The Show 24
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One rising star from the San Diego Padres is becoming a nightmare for opponents, but this time it's MLB The Show 24 getting upended. While he first made his MLB debut last season, just days after MLB The Show 24 arrived Matt Waldron has already become a huge factor in Diamond Dynasty. Players have wrecked the marketplace as more clamor to add Matt Waldron to their squad, and it's all because of his knuckleball.

Updated March 28: The full patch notes for MLB The Show 24 Update 1.03 revealed they're already releasing a balance change (deploying 3/29) to increase the velocity and decrease the break on Matt Waldron's knuckleball to make it easier to hit. 

Matt Waldron is breaking MLB The Show 24

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-03-26 13-48-07

Every year a new game arrives, players seek out new meta strategies to improve their ability to win games, and MLB The Show 24 has been no different. The biggest impact out of the gate was expected to be the disconnection between Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty, as players can no longer put their custom career mode creation with the best batting stance and ratings in the ultimate team mode.

Instead, all the attention this year is going on the Live Series version of Matt Waldron. The attributes you spot above may not seem like the kind of thing that'll wreck the curve, but it's all in the knuckleball. Even at just a 72 OVR, something that can be improved with Parallel XP to power him up even more, Waldron has a near-perfect 97 in Break and a physics-shattering knuckleball in his arsenal.

The knuckleball is so notorious for wrecking online play that when Road to the Show added the Knucksie archetype a few years ago, it was gated from usage in online play. Developers knew that players would focus heavily on the knuckleball with their Road to the Show ballplayer, but there's no stopping Matt Waldron from demolishing the curve instead.

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-03-26 13-48-20

As seen above, there are currently more than 5,800 active orders for Matt Waldron on the marketplace in Diamond Dynasty at the maximum sale price for his current rating. Some players have already taken to The Show forums to call out the situation, as some believe the issue is with the pitch animation itself.

With pitching interfaces in the MLB The Show 24 controls that allow near perfect precision as far as placing your pitch, being able to dot the corners with a knuckleball only makes hitting it that much harder. There's always a chance the power of his pitch will be nuked in a future update, but as of now Matt Waldron is becoming the knuckleball king of MLB The Show 24.