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Will MLB The Show 24 be on PS4 and Xbox One?

The biggest baseball simulation game in the world is coming back, but will MLB The Show 24 also hit Xbox One and PS4?
Will MLB The Show 24 be on PS4 and Xbox One?
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Players are already eagerly looking ahead to the arrival of MLB The Show 24, and the annual release cycle of most major sports simulation games makes them an important barometer for the way the gaming industry continues to shift. That includes decisions about platforms, and PS4 and Xbox One players are already wondering if MLB The Show 24 will leave them behind. Here's everything we know so far about whether MLB The Show 24 will release on past gen consoles.

Updated February 21: With the MLB The Show 24 editions and platforms now announced, it is confirmed the game will release on PS4 and Xbox One. Some features like Stadium Creator are still expected to be exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of the title. 

Will MLB The Show 24 be on PS4 and Xbox One?

MLB® The ShowTM 23 Xbox Series X S 2023-09-28 09-55-24

As of now Sony San Diego has not confirmed platforms for MLB The Show 24, but it does look likely that this next release will be the first to ditch past generation consoles altogether. This has been several years coming, but continued advancements have shown that past generation versions simply play as inferior.

Rather than missing a graphics layer, major sports titles like NBA 2K24 and Madden 24 have entire game features or game modes gated to the next generation version of their games on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The new Stadium Creator feature in the last few MLB The Show releases was also next gen exclusive. While we've seen MLB The Show 24 add platforms in the last couple of years, it might finally be time to get rid of some.

Sony San Diego Studio developes the title, but they're just one of several studios that make up Sony Interactive Entertainment. As of now, Sony doesn't have any confirmed titles for PS4 left on deck. There's always a chance that MLB The Show 24 will be the outlier and the studio chooses to capitalize on any players who haven't yet made the leap, but their lack of other games on PS4 set for next year makes a release increasingly unlikely on past gen.