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MLB The Show 24 Release Date and Pre Order Early Access

Stay ready as we look ahead to the MLB The Show 24 release date and when more could be revealed.
MLB The Show 24 Release Date and Pre Order Early Access

It's never too early to look ahead, and the MLB The Show 24 release date is already on the minds of fans as the World Series begins to close in. MLB The Show has delivered consistent releases for nearly two decades, and they're expected to push the game even further into the future with next year's advancements.

By considering the schedule used by Sony San Diego through the last several years, we can already look down the line and know when to expect the MLB The Show 24 release date to arrive. Even before then, the Cover Athlete and other key details like Early Access are sure to be revealed.

MLB The Show 24 Release Date

MLB The Show 24 Release Date

Without fail, springtime brings a new installment of MLB The Show to fans boasting new features along with the latest roster of current players and baseball legends. That isn't expected to change next year, as the MLB The Show 24 release date is likely to follow close by the pattern established through the last few releases by developer Sony San Diego.

The start of the MLB season usually plays a role, but due to various factors the exact release date has shifted over a period of a handful of weeks in recent years. The last two years, the MLB The Show release date has lined up perfectly to land just before Opening Day in the MLB season. However, there's a wrinkle next year as Opening Day for the regular season is March 28, but a two-game series will get an early start as the Padres face the Dodgers in Seoul on March 21 and March 22.

Considering the continued international growth of the game and expansion onto additional platforms in recent years, it seems very likely Sony San Diego may capitalize on the timing of those South Korea games. With all of this in mind, we predict the MLB The Show 24 release date will be Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

While the exact date won't be known until much closer to launch, the signs of recent years definitely point to when fans can expect more. Of course, it's also very possible the worldwide MLB The Show 24 release date won't be the earliest fans can dive in.

Pre Order and Early Access

MLB The Show 24 Early Access Pre Order

We'll probably start getting official word about MLB The Show 24 in January 2024, as announcements of the cover athlete and other key details tend to land at least a few months before launch. That's usually around the same time we'll learn about various editions, MLB The Show 24 pre order listings will go live, and they'll confirm whether Early Access and Xbox Game Pass are on the table again.

MLB The Show has seen some major changes in recent years as the former PlayStation exclusive branched out to Xbox and eventually Nintendo Switch. We expect MLB The Show 24 will have the same variety of platforms, and it's very likely the tradition of making the game a Day One arrival to Xbox Game Pass is due to continue as well.

However, the best way to dive in will likely be with the deluxe edition of MLB The Show 24 which could once again feature four days of Early Access. If that happens again next year and our release date prediction rings true, fans would be able to dive in as early as Friday, March 22, 2024 just as the games in South Korea get the MLB season rolling.