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MLB The Show 24 Roster Update Predictions, New Diamond Ratings

Keep up with every MLB The Show 24 roster update to know when new players and new Diamonds are on deck.
MLB The Show 24 Roster Update Predictions, New Diamond Ratings
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As the baseball season rolls on, each MLB The Show 24 roster update will address the league's best and worst performances by adjusting the ratings on their Live Series cards in Diamond Dynasty. With that marketplace constantly in flux, getting ahead of cards going Diamond is a major way players can invest and earn stubs in MLB The Show 24.

We've got details below on the exact MLB The Show 24 roster update release time players can look forward to throughout the year. You'll also find details about each roster update as they hit MLB The Show 24 and keep the Live Series ratings on the move in Diamond Dynasty. 

Update April 18: While we've already gotten a roster update this year, the first major attributes shift is coming when ratings start rising and falling in the April 26 MLB The Show 24 roster update. If you're looking to invest and make some Stubs off these changes, make sure to do so before the update goes live. 

When is the next MLB The Show 24 roster update?

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-03-22 14-56-39

Following the frequency they've gotten accustomed to in the past, the MLB The Show 24 roster update usually arrives every other Friday at exactly Noon PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET. These are occasionally used to make position changes or add players that didn't quite make the cut, but the most significant changes throughout the season will be ratings adjustments to Live Series cards.

You can use the countdown below to see when the next MLB The Show 24 roster update will go live:

MLB The Show 24 Roster Update Release Time
7 days, 21:40:49

There could be slight changes to their roster updates later in the year depending on the timing of events like the All-Star Game, but Sony San Diego tends to be very consistent with these each year. If you feel like a player is poised for an upgrade soon, try investing in copies of their Diamond Dynasty card ahead of an update so you can sell them for a higher price later on.

MLB The Show 24 Roster Update Predictions (April 26)

Knowing which cards could become a shiny new Diamond for each MLB The Show 24 roster update will help you make decisions on investing or snagging one for your Live Series Collection before they risk spiking in price. The most likely cards to become a new Diamond are usually Gold cards sitting at an 84 OVR or 83 OVR heading into the update.

Here are our early April 26 roster update predictions:

  • Evan Phillips (84 OVR) - Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Paul Goldschmidt (84 OVR) - St. Louis Cardinals
  • Cody Bellinger (84 OVR) - Chicago Cubs
  • Christian Walker (84 OVR) - Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Corbin Burnes (84 OVR) - Baltimore Orioles
  • Ketel Marte (84 OVR) - Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Josh Naylor (83 OVR) - Cleveland Guardians

Keep in mind that accurately predicting upgrades this early in the season is difficult, but all of these players are on the cusp of becoming a Diamond. If each of them shine as the season begins, they could be the first to enter the Diamond Club in an MLB The Show 24 roster update.

MLB The Show 24 Roster Update (April 5)

The first regular season MLB The Show 24 roster update has arrived, but no new Diamonds came with it. We did see a few bumps with Tyler Wells going Gold, but this update coming shortly after Opening Day leaves a pretty minimal amount of baseball to influence ratings adjustments.

Here are a few of the most important ratings changes in the April 5 MLB The Show 24 roster update:

  • Tyler Wells - 81 OVR (+5) - Baltimore Orioles [NEW GOLD]
  • Trevor Rogers - 73 OVR (+5) - Miami Marlins
  • Spencer Turnbull - 71 OVR (+5) - Philadelphia Phillies
  • Ryan Weathers - 68 OVR (+4) - Miami Marlins [NEW BRONZE]
  • Louie Varland - 65 OVR (+5) - Minnesota Twins [NEW BRONZE]

They also made a big push to add players who didn't quite make the cut at launch, and a few positions were adjusted to account for early season roster changes. You can find our full look at the April 5 roster update here.

MLB The Show 24 Roster Update (March 22)

The first roster update of the year always has the fewest changes, but we did get a rating boost for a handful of lower tier players like Garrett Crochet and Ronel Blanco. There are no new Diamonds this time, but Reynaldo Lopez jumped up from Bronze to Silver thanks to a boost for his Stamina rating.

Spencer Strider was the only Diamond to see a small change, as his Velocity got increased from 96 to 99, but it didn't change his overall rating. A few dozen newly added players were also introduced with the March 22 roster update including Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Daniel Hudson, and Yuki Matsui. You can find the complete March 22 MLB The Show 24 roster update by clicking here or view it within Diamond Dynasty.