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Azur Lane Ships Tier List (2024): Best Ships

Here's our tiered list of all the best ships that you can use to crush your enemies in Azur Lane.
Azur Lane Ships Tier List (2024): Best Ships

With the many ships available (over 250) in the popular mobile video game Azur Lane, it may be difficult to decide on which ship is best for you depending on your skill level and experience with the game. Luckily you don't have to wonder for too long as today we will look at solving this issue some players may have. 

We will be looking at the best ships you should be using in Azur Lane (since choosing them based on the cuteness of the girls is all but impossible). So whether you're just starting out or if you're a veteran looking for a different option to play, here are the best ships in Azur Lane

Best Ships in Azur Lane

We have broken down our list of the best ships into tiered brackets of S, A, B, C, and D tiers, which will help you decide on where you should start depending on your skill level. New players can start at the lower tiers and work their way up, while veterans might choose whichever suits their situation. 


The S-Tier ships in the game are at the top of the list for their high damage output and stats that make taking out even powerful enemies not too much of a challenge. These Ships are useful in that they don't require tons of grinding to level them up and use them effectively. 

Azur Lane List Of All The Best Ships Helena
Ships Like Helena are part of the S-Tier due to their high combat strength and ease of use. (Picture:Yostar)
  • Helena - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Duke of York - Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Minneapolis - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • I-13 - Submarine Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • U-47 - Submarine, Support (Ironblood)
  • Yat-Sen Retrofit - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
  • Ning Hai Retrofit - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
  • Ping Hai Retrofit - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
  • Ayanami - Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Unicorn- Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Centaur - Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Essex - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Enterprise - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Nagato - Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Gascogne - Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion)
  • Georgia - Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Seattle - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Friedrich der Grosse - Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
  • Azuma - Large Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Warspite Retrofit - Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Monarch - Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Roon - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • San Diego Retrofit - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Yukikaze - Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Akashi - Repair Ship, Backline (Sakura Empire)


The A-Tier is stacked with ships that can stand on par with the S-tier, but due to some drawbacks that make them a bit more of a grind to master, they aren't considered flawless. 

Azur Lane List Of All The Best Ships Washington
A-Tier ships like Washington are just as solid as S-Tiers but have a few drawbacks. (Picture:Yostar)
  • Washington - Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Hood - Battle Cruiser, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • U-101 - Submarine, Support (Ironblood)
  • I-168 - Submarine, Support (Sakura Empire)
  • King George V - Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Bismarck - Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
  • Portland Retrofit - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Saratoga Retrofit - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Illustrious - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Swiftsure - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Graf Zeppelin - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Ironblood)
  • Bunker Hill - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Mikasa - Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Kitakaze - Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Laffey Retrofit - Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Z23 Retrofit - Destroyer, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • Vestal - Repair Ship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Jintsuu Retrofit - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Mogami Retrofit - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Jean Bart - Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion)
  • Saint Louis - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Iris Libre)
  • Montpelier - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Neptune - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Eldridge - Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)


The B-Tier falls in the mid-range of ships and they are considered more average than the previous two tiers. These ships require some grinding to unlock and master, making them more for casual players who want a challenge.

Azur Lane List Of All The Best Ships B-Tier Izumo
The B-Tier ships like Izumo are great for players who want a solid ship with a little challenge to master. (Picture:Yostar)
  • Z1 Retrofit - Destroyer, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • Javelin - Destroyer, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Little Bel - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Aurora - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Queen Elizabeth - Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • U-81 - Submarine, Support (Ironblood)
  • Hyuuga Retrofit - Aviation Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Shouhou - Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Ark Royal - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Kizuna AI - Destroyer, Vanguard (Kizuna AI)
  • Izumo - Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Elegant Kizuna AI - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Kizuna AI)
  • Ibuki - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Albacore - Submarine, Support (Eagle Union)
  • Cleveland - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Columbia - Light Cruiser, Elite (Eagle Union)
  • Nicholas Retrofit - Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • I-19 - Submarine, Support (Sakura Empire)
  • Kaga - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)


The C-tier is recommended for beginner players since the ships aren't as difficult to unlock and give you a good sense of the game. Though the drawback is that the ships are generally weaker, it's a good start for the newcomers. 

Azur Lane List Of All The Best Ships C-Tier London
C-Tier Ships such as London are ideal ships for newcomers to the game. (Picture:Yostar)
  • Curlew Retrofit - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Hiryuu - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Souryuu - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • London - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Wichita - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Curacoa Retrofit - Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Newcastle Retrofit - Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Kagerou Retrofit - Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Tanikaze - Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Sendai Retrofit - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Fumiruiru - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Utawarerumono)
  • Anniversary Kizuna Ai - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Kizuna Ai)
  • Taihou - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Prinz Eugen - Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • Belfast - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Kawakaze - Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Sirius - Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Akagi - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Zuikaku - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Shoukaku - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Shangri-La - Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)


These ships are well below average and don't serve you very well in battle. We don't recommend these ships for newcomers or veterans from a gameplay perspective, but if you like the look of any of the waifus in this tier, then who are we to judge?

Azur Lane List Of All The Best Ships D-Tier North Carolina
Ships Like North Carolina and other D-Tier ships aren't recommended, unless one is your ultimate waifu. (Picture:Yostar)
  • Izuzu - Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Zeppy - Aircraft Carrier- Backline (Ironblood)
  • Chaser - Light Aircraft Carrier- Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Amagi - Battle Cruiser, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Arizona - Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • North Carolina - Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Tirpitz - Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)