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Cookie Run OvenBreak Codes September 2022 - Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, And More

Looking for active Cookie Run: Ovenbreak codes that actually work? Here are all of the codes for free items and currency provided by Devsisters.
Cookie Run OvenBreak Codes September 2022 - Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, And More

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak codes can be used to redeem a variety of in-game items including cosmetics, Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, and Coins. Using these codes in the mobile game can certainly speed up your progress, make your cookies stronger, and in turn make it easier for you to win.

So, just for you, we've compiled a list of Cookie Run: Ovenbreak codes that work as of today.

Active Cookie Run: OvenBreak Codes

Cookie Run codes characters
Codes can help you earn some awesome rewards in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. (Picture: Devsisters)

These are the working Cookie Run: Ovenbreak codes for this month.

  • WELCOMEBACKREBEL – 300 rainbow cubes
  • LONGANKNOWSITALL – 300 crystals
  • DONTLOOKYOURBACK – 500 crystals
  • TESTERHOONRUNRUN – 2,000 crystals

Codes do sometimes expire, so it's important to use these codes as soon as possible if you want to ensure you receive all the rewards.

Expired Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Codes

These codes worked to provide players rewards at some point, but are no longer active.

  • TIKTOK1MFOLLOWER - 1000 Crystals
  • SHININGTREASURES - 300 Rainbow Cubes
  • CHOOCHOOPRESENTS - 300 Rainbow Cubes
  • SWAMPS2COOKIE RUN - 1000 Crystals
  • FIRSTCOOKIERUNTV - 1000 Crystals

Codes tend to expire within a few weeks, and we'll update this list when any of the new codes finally expire.

How To Redeem Cookie Run: OvenBreak Codes

Cookie Run Ovenbreak coupon code redeem
There are two ways to redeem Cookie Run: Ovenbreak codes. (Picture: Devsisters)

There are two methods to redeem codes for Cookie Run: Ovenbreak.

Depending on whether you already have the app open, one method may be easier than the other, but it's really up to you to find out which one you find more convenient.

Redeem In-App 

  • Open Cookie Run: Ovenbreak
  • Click the settings gear in the upper right-hand corner
  • Under the Account tab, scroll down
  • Select 'Enter Coupon Code'
  • Enter your code and receive your rewards!

Redeem Online

  • Open your browser on PC, mobile, or another device
  • Head to the game's Code Redemption Page
  • Paste or type in your Player ID, which you can find on your Profile tab in the app
  • Type in the coupon code and receive your prize!

And that's it - just by opening up the app or the Code Redemption Page and entering the codes we've provided, you can earn some pretty incredible rewards. Keep an eye out for new codes regularly, since Devsisters tend to be pretty generous with the freebies.

And that's all. For more mobile games news, guides, tips, and leaks, be sure to check out our dedicated section.


Featured image courtesy of Devsisters.