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Mythic Heroes Idle RPG Tier List - All heroes ranked from best to worst

Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG has many different characters to choose from, so here's a tier list ranking all characters from best to worst.
Mythic Heroes Idle RPG Tier List - All heroes ranked from best to worst

Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG, one of the most popular RPG titles, beckons you into a realm of Ascended legends to wage battle and save their dying world. The game features a variety of characters, also known as Heroes, which you can use to create your own fantasy dream team of elite warriors.

Having the best Heroes in your Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG team will enable you to combat the toughest enemies. However, choosing the best characters is a bit tricky task, especially when there are so many characters to choose from.

However, to save you from this time-consuming process, we have prepared the Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Tier tier list ranking all the characters from best to worst.

Mythic Heroes Idle RPG Tier List 

Mythic Heroes Idle RPG Tier List heroes ranked
Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG tier list will help you start off with the best characters if you are unsure about picking one of them. (Picture: IGG)

The characters in the tier list are listed under five levels explained as follows:

  • S-Tier: The best characters in the game, taking into account the current metagame.
  • A-Tier: Characters that are remarkable and very good, useful for whatever situation you face.
  • B-Tier: Good characters who can balance our team if we don't have the best.
  • C-Tier: Not-so-bad characters, but they should be replaced by better ones as soon as you get the chance to do so.
  • D-Tier: The ones you must avoid, only for emergency use or if you don't have a character to fill in a specific role.

Now, without any further ado, here's the updated tier list of Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG.

  • S-Tier: Lucifer (UR), Lilith (UR)
  • A-Tier: Izanami (SSR), Zeus (SSR)
  • B-Tier: Hodur (SR), Muse (SR), Nuwa (UR)
  • C-Tier: Harpy (SR), Baldur (SR)
Mythic Force Idle RPG tier list all heroes rankings
You can also test different characters to find out your favorites. (Picture: IGG)

It goes without saying that the above list reflects the author’s opinions. While this article lists all the characters from best to worst, you are encouraged to use the ones that you are comfortable with. This allows you to explore new options and master every hero in the Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG.

So, there you have it, the best-Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG characters ranked. We’ll be updating this tier list whenever new characters are released, so make sure you bookmark this page and come back later.

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Featured image courtesy of IGG.