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Postknight 2: Release date, device requirements, features and more

Postknight 2 is the next instalment of the popular RPG-like adventure game from developer Kurechii. Here's everything you need to know, including the launch date, gameplay features, and device specifications!
Postknight 2: Release date, device requirements, features and more

Postknight 2 marks the second iteration of the popular Postknight RPG-like adventure mobile game series released by developers Kurechii seven years ago. The game will have players explore the world of Kurestal to deliver knight mail to vivid characters while attempting to fend off monsters and other undesirable along the way.

So, if this sounds like your type of adventure game, then you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about Postknight 2, including when it releases, all gameplay features, and what device you need to play it.

Postknight 2: Release Date

Postknight 2 entered Early Access in March and will officially launch for free on 2nd December 2021. The game is currently available to pre-register at the links below.

when does postknight 2 release date
Postknight 2 will officially launch on 2nd December 2021.

Players that pre-register before release will receive special rewards. The rewards will depend on the number of players that pre-register, as indicated below.

postknight 2 player pre-registration rewards
Players that pre-register for Postknight 2 will receive these rewards.
  • 100,000 players: 1000 Coins 
  • 300,000 players: 30 Crystal Gems 
  • 500,000 players: 5000 Coins
  • 700,000 players: 7 Refresh Tickets 
  • 1,000,000 players: 100 Crystal Gems 

Postknight 2: Gameplay Overview and Features

Postknight 2 is similar to its predecessor and will have players adventure through treacherous trailers to complete delivery requests to characters. While doing this, players will be tasked with training quests to advance through the ranks to graduate as an S-Rank Postknight.

postknight 2 gameplay features
Become an S-Rank Postknight to prove your prowess.

Throughout the game, players will form bonds with characters in the fictional world of Kurestal, which comprises villages, cities, magical forests and cold mountains. Each region has its own cultures and conflicts that need resolving.

Here are a few things that players will be able to experiment with toward tailoring their unique playstyle.

postknight 2 gameplay features
Players will encounter diverse enemies that they will need to fend off.
  • Enter combat with 3 Skills: Attack, Defend, Recover.
  • Change your Skills with different weapon types:
  • Combo Skills together with the versatile Sword and Shield.
  • Become a master of speed and reflexes by dual-wielding Daggers.
  • Strategise and time heavy attacks with the two-handed Hammer.
  • Further fine-tune your Skills with different traits and develop unique playstyles!
postknight 2 gameplay features
Craft your own powerful weapons in Postknight 2.

Players will also trade gifts with characters and gather loot to craft their powerful weapons in the game.

Postknight 2: Device Requirements

According to the developers, it is recommended to play Postknight 2 on a device with at least 2GB RAM. Playing on a device that does not meet the recommended requirements may result in subpar game performances.

postknight 2 system device specifications requirements
You will need at least 2GB of RAM on your device to play Postknight 2.

Postknight 2 requires Android (version varies with device) or Apple iOS (version 11.0 or later). While players can install the game on Apple iPhone, it is designed for play on Apple iPad.

And that's it! If you would like to learn more bout Postknight, then be sure to check out the official website.


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All featured images are courtesy of Kurechii.