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How To Get Free Laser Gun In Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures

The Galactic Treasures event is live in Monopoly GO, and players need Laser Guns to clear away tiles and earn rewards.
How To Get Free Laser Gun In Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures

The Galactic Treasures event in Monopoly GO is another minigame where you'll spend a resource in order to uncover hidden treasures on a board, working towards unlocking all of the prizes on the progression path. One of the grand prizes this time around is the newly added Wild Sticker, which allows you to cash in for any missing sticker in your albums. 

But to uncover tiles, you'll need Laser Guns. Below, we'll go over exactly how to get more Laser Guns to complete the event, and if you can get hopld of any for free.

How To Earn Laser Guns In Monopoly GO: Galactic Treasures Event

The Moon Walkers event is a great way to earn Laser Guns. (Picture: Scopely, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Laser Guns are given away in Monopoly GO pretty freely. You'll earn Laser Guns by completing your daily Quick Wins and through claiming the Free Gift that's on offer every 7-8 hours via the in-game store.

You'll also earn Laser Guns as a potential reward for reaching milestones in the current tournament, which you'll earn points towards by completing Bank Heists and Shutdowns. Finally, Laser Guns can also be earned by progressing through the Moon Walkers event, where you'll earn points by landing on Tax Tiles and Utility Tiles. 

There are 20 levels to work through in the Galactic Treasures event, and each one will require a different amount of Laser Guns (and a good supply of luck!). 

Free Laser Gun Links In Monopoly GO — Are There Any?

Sadly, no. There are no links available that award free Laser Guns during this event in Monopoly GO. The only way to earn more Laser Guns is through the methods listed above. This also means that you'll likely need a fair amount of Dice to progress through the events and earn the rewards. Thankfully, there are always free Dice links floating around to give you a little boost.