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Monster Hunter Now Healing: How to Restore Health Quickly

We explain how you can go about restoring your health quickly in Monster Hunter Now and the price of healing potions.
Monster Hunter Now Healing: How to Restore Health Quickly

In Niantic and Capcom's augmented-reality monster-slaying mobile title, Monster Hunter Now, you will always want to restore your Hunter's health as quickly as possible. Don't worry, hunters; we've got you covered so you can slay monsters to your heart's content.

In this guide, we explain how healing works in Monster Hunter Now, how to restore your health, and which items you can use to speed up the process.

How To Restore Health in Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter now healing restore health potions first-aid meds
You can use First-Aid Meds or Potions during battle to restore your health quickly. (Picture: Niantic/Capcom)

First and foremost, you can check your current Health status by looking at the Health Bar (above your Hunter's head on the map view) as well as at the centre-bottom of the Hunting Screen. One important thing to remember is that the health bar does not display if your health is full!

After you take damage (and trust us, you will!), your hunter's health will start recovering automatically, but very slowly, about one point of health per three (3) minutes in our estimations. You will definitely want to speed up the healing process for your character in Monster Hunter Now since if your health is below 30%, you cannot participate in hunting Large Monsters.

There are two types of items that can restore your health in Monster Hunter Now, namely the First-Aid Med and the Potion. Luckily, for those below Hunter Rank 11, First-Aid Meds replenish automatically and quickly. For those above Hunter Rank 11, you will get five (5) First-Aid Meds per day after 00:01 local time.

Monster Hunter now healing restore health potions first-aid meds
Healing Potions in Monster Hunter Now are a bit pricy, considering they are one-use items. (Picture: Niantic/Capcom)

Then, there are potions, which players get for completing several chapters of the Prologue and Main Story Quests. From here, you will need to purchase more using Gems, the premium currency in Monster Hunter Now that costs real money to purchase.

  • Potion Price: 60 Gems
  • x5 Potion Price: 300 Gems

Monster Hunter Now Gems Prices

  • 300 Gems for $1.99
  • 750 Gems for $4.99
  • 2250 Gems for $14.99
  • 4500 Gems for $29.99
  • 7500 Gems for $49.99
  • 15000 Gems for $99.99

There is no storage limit on Potions in Monster Hunter Now. However, unless you plan on spending a whole lot of cash on this mobile title, you won't have hundreds of them lying around. During a hunt, Potions and First-Aid Meds can also be used to revive your character, giving yourself another chance to take down a huge creature.

For those who missed it or haven't played Monster Hunter Now yet, trust us, it's great fun! Check out the game's launch trailer below to get hyped!

So there you have it, everything Monster Hunter Now players need to know about restoring their character's health, alongside the items that can speed up the process. If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article faster than a Rathion can smack down an unprepared Hunter!