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Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise sailing into cinemas and onto streaming simultaneously

“The epic adventure event of the summer” is out on 30th July worldwide.

Dwayne Johnson has announced that his new movie Jungle Cruise will debut in theaters and on Disney+ on 30th July.

The movie – which is based on the iconic theme park ride – will cost $29.99 on the streaming service. That’s the same way Disney released Raya and the Last Dragon earlier this year, while both Cruella and Black Widow will follow the same route this summer.

A very sweaty Johnson made the announcement from his gym – which he calls The Iron Paradise – via Instagram.

 Referring to Jungle Cruise as “the epic adventure event of the summer” Johnson says “Now that we are coming out of Covid slowly, we’ve got to own this rebound. We’ve got to get back out there. Live the life that we want to live. Get out there in theaters, watch our movies as safe as possible.

“But also Jungle Cruise is a unique experience and it gives us a unique opportunity to allow everyone around the world to watch the movie how they want to watch the movie.”

Jaume Collet-Serra – best known for Orphan, Non-Stop and The Shallows – directs Jungle Cruise, with Johnson taking center stage, and Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Jesse Plemons, Paul Giamatti, and Edgar Ramirez co-starring.