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Kojima Not Directing The Death Stranding Film Adaptation

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Kojima Not Directing The Death Stranding Film Adaptation

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that, despite talks to the contrary, he won't be directing the upcoming Death Stranding movie adaptation. 

In a tweet, Kojima stated:

"Just to be clear, I am deeply involved in producing, supervising, plotting, look, design and content of the film adaptation of DS, just not in charge of directing"

The first inkling of a Death Stranding movie came not long after the release of the game, with several people noting how well it would work as a film. The official announcement of a movie adaptation came in December of last year, but no director is yet attached to the project, along with no release date yet attached to the movie. 

It was also last year that a sequel to Death Stranding was announced at The Game Awards, which also had no release date tied to it. We've not seen anything from that game since then, but we do know that Elle Fanning will be starring in the game as a main character, along with Lea Seydoux.